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Sustainable Transportation


Wolf Ride Bike Share

SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share is the University's bike share system that provides students, faculty, staff and visitors with a sustainable, healthy transportation alternative. SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share is operated by the University's Office of Sustainability and is a "per ride" bicycle sharing system that provides users with the ability to travel from one University location to another using a zero emissions form of transportation. In addition to environmental advantages, Wolf Ride also serves to limit roadway vehicular congestion and encourages health and physical exercise.

Wolf Ride Bike Share Information




EV Charging Stations

Stony Brook University offers the use of electric vehicle charging stations to University students, faculty, staff and visitors. Charging stations are available by paying an hourly rate and are located in a variety of convenient locations.



Biking on Campus

Stony Brook University provides a variety of sustainable and convenient biking options, which are services that minimize impact on the natural environment and promote a healthier university. University biking options include the Paul Simons Memorial Bike Path network, Wolf Ride Bike Share, available bike racks, bike storage lockers, informative electronic bicycle links and restroom facilities to use either before or after a bike ride. 


Bike Safety


Paul Simons Memorial Bike Path