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West Side Meadow Blooms In Summer 2015

July 20, 2015

By Ryan Wolf

Stony Brook University’s “West Side Meadow” located on the corner of Gym and Circle Road is now in full bloom and has not only decreased maintenance effort, but also has served to beautifying the campus community.  Originally installed in the summer of 2014, the meadow consists of a “native northeast wildflower mix” and now is in full bloom.  The West Side Meadow is the third natural meadow installed by the University, with the first placed at the Southampton campus and second by the University’s North Entrance on West Campus.  

The West Side Meadow, which is approximately 16,149 square feet in size, also reduces environmental impact because it only requires biannual maintenance in the form of mowing – which is significantly less than the lawn it replaced, which required weekly maintenance. In total, the reduction in maintenance helps eliminate 7,500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions emitted annually and the West Side Meadow’s native plants help divert rainwater runoff.  Both the West Side Meadow and North Entrance Meadow were created by the Division of Facilities & Services and Office of Sustainability, in consultation with the Faculty Senate University Environment Committee.

As exemplified by these three natural meadows, the University is committed to evaluating grounds areas and evaluating solutions which minimize impact on the natural environment. 

For additional information on this initiative, please contact:

Stony Brook University
Office of Sustainability