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BA in Ecosystems and Human Impact

turfThe Ecosystems and Human Impact major, leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree, provides the skills, knowledge, and preparation for students to assess and address the complex interaction of humans and natural environments. The curriculum integrates principles and methodologies from ecology, biology, genetics, anthropology, human ecology, geography, combined with an understanding of economics, ethics, and policy within a global perspective.

The major builds on the interdisciplinary core curriculum offered at Stony Brook University's Sustainability Program. Students will enroll in major-specific courses in their junior and senior year. Local internships, research courses, and field courses are also available to students to build up real-world experience. In their junior or senior year, students will have the opportunity to enroll in the study-abroad program at Ranomafana, Madagascar, which provides training in field biology, ecology, primatology, and anthropology. Students enrolled in this program will take courses and conduct independent research that contributes to a better understanding of Ranomafana National Park and the link between the park and the people of the region. 


Note: All courses offered for the major must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher. Course taken with the Pass/NC option may not be applied to the major.

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