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Advanced Global Institute (Totally Virtual!) (Totally Live!)

  • Details and Cost

    About the Program

    This program offers an opportunity for students to participate in a unique, global, virtual environment via a curated selection of seminars and lectures for SBU credit. The faculty are experts in many fields in the humanities and socials and come from a wide range of institutions.

    Approximately 250 students from around the world participate in these diverse virtual classes. 

    A summer virtual institute participant says, "The institute  has such a diverse array of teachers and students from universities and cities all over the world. It made for a unique experience exposing me to some interesting viewpoints."

    No Program or Application fees (SUNY tuition, College and Academic Excellence fee only)

    Program Type Faculty-Led Program
    Program Term Summer, Winter
    Program Dates July 14 - 30, 2021
    Language of Instruction English
    Budget View Budget
    Living Arrangements n/a
    Additional Information Faculty-Led study abroad programs may require group travel. Please reach out to your IAP Coordinator prior to making any travel arrangements.
    Program Housing Statement: Stony Brook University is required to comply with the housing policies of the host country, partner institution and/or hotel/hostel. These policies may include requirements such as sex-based housing placement.


    GPA n/a
    Other Requirements Access to a computer with internet, flexibility for meeting times.
    Application Deadline June 18 Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis, and are encouraged to apply as early as possible.
  • Academic Information

    Course Information


    - LIN 425 / 426 / 487:  any 3 LING or 3 COG seminars + small paper

    Liguistics (Ling) and Cognition (cog) Seminars

      • Ling-A. Introduction to Generative Syntax (Omer Preminger, University of Maryland)
      • Ling-B. Intermediate Syntax (Sabine Iatridou, MIT)

      • Ling-C: Introduction to Formal Semantics (Daniel Altshuler, University of Oxford)

      • Ling-D: What's a Problem in Phonology? (Noam Faust, CNRS Paris)

      • Ling-E: Infixation: Typology and Theory (Laura Kalin, Princeton University)

      • Ling-F: Issues in Formal Semantics: from Expressives to Emojis (Patrick Georg Grosz, University of Oslo and Daniel Gutzmann, University of Cologne)

      • Ling-G: Semantic control: Backward control, crossed control and voice restructuring (advanced) (Asia Pietraszko, University of Rochester & Susi Wurmbrand, University of Vienna)

      • Ling-H: Some issues with not-at-issueness (advanced) (Masha Esipova, University of Oslo)

      • Ling-I: Three or Four Puzzles about Numerals (advanced) (Rajesh Bhatt, UMass Amherst & Roumyana Pancheva, USC)

      • Cog-A: Cognitive Science Goes to the Field (Polina Pleshak & Maria Polinsky, University of Maryland)

      • Cog-B: Introduction to Experimental Linguistics (Vera Gor, Princeton University)

      • Cog-C: Topics in Art and Cognition (John Frederick Bailyn, Stony Brook University & Samuel Jay Keyser, MIT)

      • Ling Workshop: Topics in Computational Linguistics (Jeffrey Heinz, Jordan Kodner, Owen Rambow, Stony Brook University)

      • Cog Workshop: I heard it on the ape vine: human and chimpanzee gestural meanings (Week 2) Pritty Patel-Grosz, University of Oslo & Catherine Hobaiter, University of St. Andrews)

    OPTION B - EUR 447: any 3 Cult seminars + small paper

    OPTION C - WST 398: Cult B, Cult C + 1 other Cult seminar  + small paper

    Culture (Cult) Seminars

      • Cult-A: On Revolutions and their Aftermaths (Tanja Petrović, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
      • Cult-B: Navigating Identities: Intersectional Politics of Race, Class, Gender, and Civic Voice (Barbara LeSavoy, SUNY College at Brockport)
      • Cult-C: What is Queer Decolonial Studies? (Joseph M. Pierce, Stony Brook University & Diego Falconí, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
      • Cult-D: Fake News (Amir Husak, The New School)

      • Cult-E: Covering vulnerable and underrepresented populations in international journalism (Razvan Sibii, UMass, Amherst)

      • Cult-F: Black Marxism (Nikolay Karkov, SUNY Cortland)

      • Cult-G: Drama of Poetry, Poetry of Drama. (Movement, Protestation, Celebration) (Polly Gannon (Independent scholar) and Leah Lowe (Vanderbilt University))

      • Cult-H: Global Baroque (Fernando Loffredo, Stony Brook University)

      • Cult-J: Translation in a Multilingual World (Literary case studies) (Polly Gannon, independent Scholar & Amelia Glaser, UCSD)

      • Cult-K: On Belonging: Hannah Arendt and Tradition (James McFarland, Vanderbilt University)

      • Cult-L: Song & Catastrophe: Paul Celan (Ivan Sokolov, UCal Berkeley)

      • Cult-M: Global, Cultural and Environmental Issues (Javier Uriarte, Stony Brook University)

      • Workshop: Critical Race Today (Manuela Boatca, University of Freiberg, Giovanni Picker, University of Glasgow & Yalile Suriel, Stony Brook University)

    Academic Policies

    • Students following the Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC) may request for GLO and EXP+ in addition to requirements fulfilled by their coursework.

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