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Advanced Global Winter Institute (Totally Virtual!) (Totally Live!)

  • Details and Cost

    About the Program

    This program offers an opportunity for students to participate in a unique, global, virtual environment via a curated selection of seminars and lectures for SBU credit. The faculty are experts in many fields in the humanities and socials and come from a wide range of institutions.

    Approximately 250 students from around the world participate in these diverse virtual classes. 

    A summer virtual institute participant says, "The institute  has such a diverse array of teachers and students from universities and cities all over the world. It made for a unique experience exposing me to some interesting viewpoints."

    No Program or Application fees (SUNY tuition, College and Academic Excellence fee only)


    Program Type Faculty-Led Program
    Program Term Winter
    Program Dates January 18 - 29, 2021
    Language of Instruction English
    Budget View Budget
    Living Arrangements n/a
    Additional Information Faculty-Led study abroad programs may require group travel. Please reach out to your IAP Coordinator prior to making any travel arrangements.
    Program Housing Statement: Stony Brook University is required to comply with the housing policies of the host country, partner institution and/or hotel/hostel. These policies may include requirements such as sex-based housing placement.


    GPA n/a
    Other Requirements Access to a computer with internet, flexibility for meeting times.
    Application Deadline January 2 Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis, and are encouraged to apply as early as possible.
  • Academic Information

    Course Information


    LIN 425 / 426:   any 4 of the following courses:

    -- Intro to Syntax (Ekaterina Lyutikova, Moscow State University & Asya Pereltsvaig, Independent Scholar)

    -- Intro to Phonology (Russell Tanenbaum, Stony Brook University)

    -- Semantics - a teaser (Rob Pasternak, ZAS, Berlin)

    -- Applied Phonetics (Chikako Takahashi, Stony Brook University)

    -- Tenselessness (Roumyana Pancheva, University of Southern California)

    -- Meaning Across Modalities (Maria Esipova, University of Oslo)

    -- Non-finite Complementation (David Pesetsky, MIT)

    -- Topics in Experimental Linguistics

         (John E. Drury, Jiangsu Normal University, Vera Gor, Princeton, and Nina Kazanina, University of Bristol)

    -- Words and Other Things: what do we have to list in our heads

         (Asia Pietraszko, University of Rochester & Omer Preminger, UMD)

    -- Gesture and Human Nature (Andrew Nevins, UCL & Naomi Francis, University of Oslo)

    -- Introduction to Linguistics through Russian (John Frederick Bailyn, Stony Brook University)

    -- The Mental Life of Modernism (Samuel Jay Keyser, MIT)

    -- The Music-Language Connection (Jonah Katz, West Virginia University)

         or 3 of the above and an independent project 

    WST 103: 3 required courses

    -- Women and Gender in Islam (Asma Barlas, Ithaca College)

    -- Navigating Identity: Race, Class, and Gender in Pop Culture

         (Barb LeSavoy, SUNY Brockport & Kathi Wiedlack, U of Vienna)

    -- EcoFeminism, Environmental Justice, and EcoGrief (Heidi Hutner, Stony Brook University)

         and either an independent project or 1 of:

    -- Race, Culture and Transnationalism (Shobana Shankar and Tracey Walters, Stony Brook University)

    -- The Afterlife of a Socialist Military (Tanja Petrović, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

    -- Everyday Surveillance Technologies and Society (Kristen Karlberg, SUNY Purchase) 

    HUR 249 / EUR 447:  

    -- Individuals matter: Nabokov's  Invitation to a Beheading (Anna Maslennikova)

         and 2 of the following:

    -- Drama, resistance, and an Uprising of Poetry

         (Leah Lowe, Vanderbilt University & Polly Gannon, Independent Scholar, Berlin)

    -- The Mental Life of Modernism (Samuel Jay Keyser, MIT)

    -- Waste, Infrastructure, and Landscape: Ethical and Aesthetic Questions in Art Photography

         (Yola Monakhov Stockton, SUNY Buffalo State)

    -- The Films of George Romero (Jim McFarland, Vanderbilt University)

         and an independent project


    Academic Policies

    • Credits earned on this program will calculate toward a student's GPA at Stony Brook University. Non-SBU students are advised to check their home university policy on grade and credit transfer.
    • Students following the Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC) may request for GLO and EXP+ in addition to requirements fulfilled by their coursework.

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