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Study Abroad

Florence University of the Arts - Winter

  • About the Program

    About the Program

    Stony Brook offers students the opportunity to intern, have an experiential learning opportunity or take a unique course for two and a half weeks in Florence. Florence University of the Arts is situated through the historic city center of Florence, provided a great backdrop for learning and exploration!


    • Experiential Learning Special Project
    • Internship
    • Academic Course

    During the weekends, students can opt into feild learning experiences to visit nearby cities such as Lucca, Modena, Gubbio and Fabriano  for a small cost. These organized trips show students both the largest attractions and provide local intimate experiences guided but Italians who are experts in the region.

    Location Florence, Italy
    Program Type Partner University Program, Internship/Experiential Learning
    Program Term Winter
    Program Dates January 3 - 19

    *Sunday Jan 20 to Sunday Jan 27: Cultural Introduction to Italy Week

    *Please note: Students participating in the Cultural Introduction to Italy Week after the January Intersession will transfer to Rome on Saturday Jan 19 after the Florence housing check-out. The program ends in Florence on Sunday January 27 and has an additional cost, please see the program fee.

    Additional Information A Partner University program is a study abroad experience where students are nominated/accepted by Stony Brook University, and enroll at a partner institution. In most cases SBU faculty or staff are NOT traveling with participants.

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  • Program Details

    Course of Study

    Students will select from the following options:

    Option A: 3 credit experiential learning special project

    Option B: 3 credit internship

    Option C: 3 credit academic course

    Option A, Experiential Learning: In addition to regular lecture hours, students will be involved in learning by doing thorough real projects and integration with the local population and territory in order to remove cultural and learning barriers as well as to develop a strong likelihood for success in life. The experiential learning hours are fully supervised by instructors who track students step by step during their learning experience, monitor and advise according to student needs, and support student initiative. This unique learning model allows students to benefit from an all-encompassing educational experience based on theory and practice in real enterprises, learning of comprehensive operational processes, problem-solving, leadership, and management. Experiential Learning does NOT require that you speak Italian.   

    Option B, Internship: FUA prides itself on having developed over the years a wide network of internship placements. In order to be eligible for external placements, students must undergo an evaluation by both the internship department and the external placement supervisor. Internships placements are offered in diverse areas and disciplines. Placement areas are determined during the application and interview process. (Students need to provide Cover letter, CV, and material pertinent to the chosen area for the interview). Students selecting internship will require a certain level of Italian language proficiency depending on the placement*.

    Option C, Academic Course: As a university in the historic city center of Florence, Italy, FUA incorporates the surrounding environment into the classroom. FUA academic courses offer 3 credits and range in topics for astronomy and watercolor to Fashion Marketing and Sports Nutrition. Courses are taught by faculty who are active in their industry, bringing a current perspective to each lecture.

    All participants following the Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC) will fulfill GLO and EXP+ in addition to requirement(s) fulfilled by their coursework.

    Program Details

    Language of Instruction English
    Language Proficiency No Language Proficiency Required.
    Program Term Winter
    Living Arrangements All participants are housed in apartments in the vicinity of campus. Housing costs are included in the Program Fee. The FUA Housing Coordinator secures apartments located in the historic city center on behalf of participants. The apartments are each unique, but will include the following features; Within 20 minutes walk of a university building, Common living space with kitchen, Multiple occupancy bedrooms, One bathroom for every four students, air conditioning and a washing machine.

    Program Housing Statement: Stony Brook University is required to comply with the housing policies of the host country, partner institution and/or hotel/hostel. These policies may include requirements such as sex-based housing placement.

    Additional Information

    Credits earned on this program do not calculate toward a student's GPA at Stony Brook University.  Non-SBU students are advised to check their home university policy on grade and credit transfer.

  • Requirements


    GPA 2.8 or higher
    Other Requirements Undergraduates only; all qualified students may apply
    Application Deadline October 15
    Candidates may be interviewed to determine their qualifications for participating and representing Stony Brook University abroad.
  • Program Cost

    Program Cost

    Application Fee $60
    Tuition Rate $286 per credit for NY residents

    $1,023 per credit for non-residents
    Program Fee $2,100; Includes shared apartment, meal units, international health insurance, internet access.

    Students have the option to add the Cultural Introduction Course at the end of the term for an additional fee (approx. $1,300) + tuition for 3 credits.
    Administrative Fee $200 (non-refundable)
    International Health Insurance Included in the Program Fee
    Other Fees Personal Expenses: $1,000
    Travel Costs $1,400-$1,800. Flight information will be released by the advisor upon acceptance to the program.
    Costs are estimates for planning purposes of the student and are subject to change at any point.
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