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Veterans Affairs Virtual Services and Resources  


The Office of Veterans Affairs is Going Virtual

Stony Brook’s courses are going virtual, and so is the Office of Veterans Affairs. Our office is working hard to minimize disruption in service while we shift to virtual delivery. As always, you can email us at about any questions you may have. You can “meet” with a Veterans Affairs representative via telephone, or set up a virtual meeting via Google Hangouts or Zoom .




For the Spring 2020 semester, you can select whether you want courses to be P/NC (pass/no credit)  OR a letter grade. The deadline to select the P/NC option is Wednesday, May 20 at 4 p.m. EST.



Summer 2020 Session Benefit Update

T he University has made the decision to continue all distance learning for courses offered for the summer session. The VA will pay resident BAH to students who take at least one of these courses that were originally offered as resident courses during the Summer 2020 Session.  



COVID-19 Spring 2020 Session Update

GI Bill payments will not be affected by the switch to distance learning this semester. The VA WILL be paying for classes that result in non-punitive grades this semester.  That means you can now elect the PNC option for your classes without owing the VA a debt!



Scholarships Info

Check out what scholarships you can apply for.



Apply for Benefits

The Office of Veterans Affairs is going virtual, so you can apply for your GI Bill Benefits online! Use the Google Forms link to fill out the application. If you have any questions, feel free to  email us at