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There’s an App for That*

*Not meant to substitute professional treatment


Pacifica lets you rate and track mood over time, and provides guided deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises, daily antianxiety experiments, and health goals. Users can record their own thoughts to help analyze and understand their thinking patterns, as well as discover and track possible triggers.

Free on iOS & Android



This no-fuss app, developed by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology, guides you through diaphragmatic breathing (or “belly breathing”), allows you to record your own stress level, and provides informative videos and graphics about the consequences of stress.

Free on iOS & Android


PTSD Coach

This app from the National Center for PSTD — designed specifically for veterans — educates users about PTSD and its treatment, offers a self-assessment tool, links users up to support groups, and provides stress management tools.

Free on iOS & Android



This app is primarily a way to track moods, providing space to keep daily records of symptoms, triggers, and “stay well strategies,” and then visualizes that data with graphs.

Free on iOS only


Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is the leading personalized sleep aid, offering a bank of over 50 sounds and tunes that each user is allowed to mix and customize to their preference, as well as access to the Relax Melodies blog for lifestyle tips on sleeping better.

Free on iOS & Android

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