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The Office of Student Affairs commits itself to transforming lives and communities.






The Office of Student Affairs is committed to the success of each student. In partnership with others, the Office advocates for and provides leadership to cultivate the educational success and personal development of our students by offering services, activities, and learning opportunities.
We prepare and empower students to engage fully as active learners, responsible leaders, and contributing members of a diverse and dynamic campus community and global society.






Care and Respect

Foster a positive and supportive environment that promotes respect, compassion, and pride.

Opportunity, Access, and Inclusiveness

Promote an inclusive and safe campus community that encourages students to explore and value diverse ideas and perspectives.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to collaborate and strengthen learning in the classroom and beyond.

Personal and Community Responsibility

Develop students as healthy, successful lifelong learners and civic-minded citizens who are socially and environmentally responsible.

Quality and Excellence

Pursue excellence with fortitude, creativity, and the courage to adapt to changing needs and conditions, and move beyond the status quo through continuous assessment.








Optimize organizations, programs, and services.
Support student learning, personal development, and academic success.
Develop the next generation of leaders by creating opportunities for student involvement, leadership, community service & internships.
Promote a vibrant, inclusive, community.
Cultivate safe environments that promote personal responsibility and healthy lifestyle choices.
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