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Health  portal - important Info

If your documentation on the health portal says it has been verified, DO NOT re-upload.
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Stony Brook University Immunization Policy

All students attending courses on Stony Brook campus must submit a completed Immunization History Form, demonstrating compliance with New York State Health Laws. This documentation should be received by Stony Brook Student Health by July 1st for Fall enrollment and at least 3 weeks prior to Spring enrollment.  If a student does not comply with this requirement, a hold will be placed on their student ( SOLAR) account and further enrollment will be prohibited.  This hold will remain until the requirement has been met. 

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If a student has not complied with this requirement by the 1st day of the semester, and the student is enrolled for 6 or more credits or hourly equivalent, the Registrar will be notified and the student will be de-registered.

Students enrolled for less than 6 credits will not be de-registered, however a block will be placed on their account prohibiting any further enrollment.

  • Students born prior to 01/01/1957 are exempt from this requirement
  • Students that will not attend ANY on campus courses are exempt from this requirement

If you have an active NET ID, copies of the immunization form or immunization history may be digitally uploaded to the Student Health Patient Portal at:

Watch the video tutorial here

**NOTE:   These immunization requirements exceed those established by the NYS Public Health Law 2165