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COVID Testing Requirements for Fully Vaccinated Students

All vaccinated students are required to participate in COVID surveillance PCR testing every other week starting on the week you will be on campus.

Although we strongly encourage you to utilize the testing we are offering on campus, you may choose to use an external provider, but you must meet the testing requirements in order to continue in classes and living on campus.  Any costs associated with COVID testing at an off-campus location are your responsibility.  If you utilize an off-campus provider, you must upload your results to the Wolfie Health Portal by the deadline indicated in your testing schedule. At-home COVID tests will not be accepted since the identity of the individual that took the test cannot be verified. 

You will use your insurance when testing on campus. If there are any costs associated with this testing that are not covered by your insurance, they will be covered by the University.

If you have tested positive for COVID in the last 90 days, DO NOT get tested.  Upload your COVID positive test result indicating the date of your positive COVID test to the Wolfie Health Portal. This will also exempt you from participating in the on-campus surveillance testing for a 90-day period from the date of your positive COVID test.   

Please also visit our Student COVID-19 Information Line  page for further information if you test positive.



Summer Testing Requirements:

If you will be on campus for an in-person class, working on campus, or accessing any in-person student services or facilities during the summer, please test every other week starting on the week you will be on campus:

  • Week 1: May 23 - 27
  • Week 2: May 30 - June 3*
  • Week 3: June 6 - 10
  • Week 4: June 13 - 17
  • Week 5: June 20 – 24*
  • Week 6: June 27-July 1
  • Week 7: July 4 – 8*
  • Week 8: July 11 – 15
  • Week 9: July 18 – 22
  • Week 10: July 25- 25
  • Week 11: August 1 – 5
  • Week 12: August 8 – 12
  • Week 13: August 15 – 19

*No testing May 30, June 20 and July 4

NOTE:  If you have tested positive for COVID within the last 90 days, do not participate in this surveillance COVID testing.  Instead, submit a note from your medical provider that indicates the date of your positive test result to the Wolfie Health Portal



If you live or take classes on West Campus, your testing location is the Recreation Center's Multipurpose Room.Appointments are required. This location offers mid-nasal PCR testing.

If you live at Chapin click here

If you are a Health Science student, you can also be tested in the HSC Galleria on East Campus. This location offers anterior nasal PCR testing. No appointment necessary. 

The DeVries Center testing site will be closed starting Friday, May 20 and will remain closed for the rest of the Summer of 2022.

Hours of Operation 

Recreation Center's Multipurpose Room:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm. Appointments are required

HSC Galleria: Monday and Tuesday 8:30am-3pm. No appointment necessary. 


Please schedule your appointment by following the steps below:  

Step 1:

Know your assigned testing location.

If you live on West Campus, your testing location is the Recreation Center's Multipurpose Room.

If you are a Health Science student, you can be tested in the HSC Galleria on East Campus. No appointment is necessary for this location, so you can skip to Step 5. 

Step 2: 

If you have never been tested at your assigned location, you must register using the links below and provide your insurance information. 

When registering, make sure you enter your student ID correctly for your test to be accurately recorded.  Enter the information that matches your legal name that is on the back of your Stony Brook University ID card. 

Click on your assigned location below to register

Recreation Center's Multipurpose Room

Step 3: 

After submitting your information, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on the link provided in the email to make your appointment. Walk-ins will not be permitted. 

Make sure you select an appointment on your assigned week.  Remember you will need to get tested every other week. Choose the appointment that best fits your schedule as long as it is in your assigned week.

multipurpose room APPOINTMENTS 

Step 4: 

When scheduling your appointment, set up an account through the link provided in Step 2, so that you can access your test results through the patient portal.  Results are typically available within 5-7 days after your sample is sent to the lab. 

Step 5: 

Bring your Stony Brook ID card and your insurance card with you to your appointment.



Because we’d like to keep infection rates low so that our campus community can continue in-person classes and social activities.  Students who do not participate in required testing will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. Please note these COVID-19 surveillance testing protocols are subject to change based on community and campus infection rates as well as guidance from regulatory agencies.  Please check this website often as well as your Stony Brook email for important messages regarding testing schedules and frequency. 


What happens if I ever test positive?

If you test positive, you will receive a phone call from Student Health Services to discuss next steps.If you tested off campus and receive a positive result, you must contact the COVID Response Team  right away at (631) 632-6176. DO NOT attend in-person classes or events. 

Those who test positive are not permitted to test for 90 days after the positive result is verified. 

Please also visit our Student COVID-19 Information Line  page for further information.


What happens if I receive a bill from Enzo Clinical Laboratories?

If you have received a bill click here