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Information for Online and Distance Learning Students 

If you will be enrolling in fully online courses or studying abroad, and will not be living on campus or accessing in-person campus services or facilities on Stony Brook University’s campuses in the upcoming semester, please complete this attestation today . Upon our team’s review of this attestation, your SOLAR registration hold will be removed within two business days and you will not be required to obtain or submit proof of your immunizations for the upcoming semester.

If you do register for an in-person class, live on campus, or access in-person campus services or facilities, and you do not obtain and submit the required immunization records you will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards due to falsification of your attestation. 

You will need to complete this attestation each semester prior to registration to verify that you will not physically come to Stony Brook’s campus. If you know that in a future semester, you will enroll in at least one in-person class, live on campus, or access in-person services or facilities, we strongly encourage you to submit your immunization records now to have the registration hold permanently removed from your SOLAR account.