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COVID-19 Information

If you're a Stony Brook student who received a positive COVID-19 test result recently, call (631) 632-6176 (on campus 2-6176) and leave a message to report a recent COVID-19 positive test. In this message, provide your name, SBU ID#, a phone number to return your call, and a brief description of why you are calling. Messages will be returned as quickly as possible, generally within 24 business hours of receipt. The Campus Health Response Team will provide information on next steps.

While you are awaiting a call back, please DO NOT attend classes, work or any other on campus activities.

If You Tested Off-Campus or Using an At-Home Test: 

If you have not tested on campus and your positive test was an at-home test or done at off-campus location, please call the Campus Health Response Team and be sure to follow the steps below:

If you have tested positive and need assistance contacting your professors, email your positive COVID test to the Student Support Team at They can then contact your instructors regarding your absence from class. The Student Support Team does not share any personal or medical information with your instructors, but will validate your absence from in-person classes for the duration of your isolation or quarantine period. You are permitted to continue any online courses if you feel well enough to do so.

Residential Students please review this important information about isolation guidelines

Regardless of your vaccination status, if you were exposed to someone with COVID-19 you need to monitor your symptoms and you must wear a mask around others for 10 days. You are no longer required to quarantine. If possible, test on day 5.  For more information please visit the CDC website