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Students With Hearing Disabilities

1. At your request, an information sheet is available to be sent to your instructors. Please review it with a SASC staff member to see if any additions or corrections are needed.

2. Recruit interpreters and note-takers as early as possible. SASC can help in this recruitment. We need to know if you are eligible for Readers Aid funds from VESID.

3. If you are not sponsored and need volunteer readers or note-takers, we can request that faculty make an announcement in class. Carbon-free note-taker paper is available, as needed.

4. Keep ahead of your reading by using your class syllabus. This will supplement your efforts to lip-read.

5. Request that you be given all announcements, assignments or changes to the syllabus in writing to be certain that you do not miss important information.

6. Be sure you and your interpreter meet with each faculty member at the beginning of the semester to discuss any questions or concerns regarding the accommodations being requested. A SASC staff member will assist if needed.


Link:  Tips on Using Computer Aided Realtime Translation (CART)