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Prospective Students

SASC at Stony Brook University offers support services to students with disabilities. Students must self disclose and provide documentation of their disability. As with other post secondary schools, the services offered at Stony Brook may vary from those offered in high school or in another post secondary institution. Some schools offer intensive programs to assist students with their academic studies.

Stony Brook does not offer remedial services or special educational programs to our students. Accommodations are made, based on the documentation provided, on a case-by-case basis. It is suggested that prospective students make an appointment with a SASC staff member to determine whether the University can meet their needs and expectations.


Stony Brook offers an array of support services to students with disabilities who are admitted to the University. The admission procedures for students with disabilities are the same as for all applicants. Students are evaluated on the basis of their high school transcript and grade point average, as well as SAT/ACT scores. Because we offer no developmental or remedial programs, there is no separate or special admission. However, applicants identifying as having a disability are reviewed jointly by an Admissions counselor and a SASC staff member for additional consideration.

Campus tours can be arranged through the Admissions Office (631-632-6868). A tour is strongly suggested so that you can evaluate accessibility on campus. View campus maps here.

If you have been accepted to Stony Brook University and wish to register with SASC, please complete our intake form.

Application forms and other University information may be requested from the Stony Brook University Admissions office.

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