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Welcome SeaWolf Parents!

We acknowledge that entering college is a transition for parents too, as your role shifts from being an advocate to being a cheerleader for your student. With the support of parents, this change creates an opportunity for students to take on the role of self-advocate and can lead to a successful transition into adulthood as students learn to absorb these new responsibilities.


Expectations of High School vs. College

High School

  • Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
  • School district responsible for identifying children with disabilities
  • Evaluation of disability the school’s responsibility
  •  Parents consent to evaluations and advocate for their child
  • Child’s information accessible to the parent
  • Disability defined by specific categories



  • Equal access and the opportunity to compete 
  • Student must self-identify as having a disability and provide adequate documentation
  • Evaluation of disability the student’s responsibility
  • Student responsible for advocacy (e.g., accommodation requests, communicating functional impact of disability, etc.
  • Student information protected under FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
  • Disability defined as a significant limitation to a major life function


How Parents Can Help

Encourage your student to:

Register with SASC prior to or early in the semester.

Visit the SASC website and become familiar with registration requirements, documentation guidelines, etc.

Ask questions by calling (631) 632-6748 or emailing or stopping by the office in SBU Union Suite 107.

Follow policies and procedures to adheres to documentation guidelines.

Follow-up with professors regarding receipt of accommodation letters.