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How to Use Accommodations at SBU

1. Make sure that documentation of your disability reaches SASC before the start of your first semester. Download the Documentation of Disability form.

2. Make an appointment every semester with a SASC counselor to discuss your courses and what accommodations will be necessary. Keep in contact with SASC throughout the semester.

3. Know your classes. Carry a schedule that includes your courses, the days, times, rooms, buildings and the professors' names.

4. Get a class syllabus or outline. Keep a calendar of assignment due dates and appointments. Schedule study time for yourself.

5. Introduce yourself to the professor and make an appointment in the first weeks of class. It is important to let your professor know the best way to meet your disability-related needs.

6. Arrange the services you need early. Do you have the special equipment you will need? If you need a note-taker or reader, you can ask SASC for the form to have the professor announce a need for a note-taker or reader in class. Fully discuss your expectations with any readers, note-takers or tutors.

7. Expect to maintain the standards that apply to everyone else in the course. The content of the course will not be altered. You will be expected to fulfill all requirements. Be sure to adhere to the class attendance policy unless specific alternate arrangements are made with the faculty person.

8. If you are requesting special test arrangements through SASC, notify the instructor as well as SASC before every exam.

9. Do your best to handle problems independently. If you have questions or concerns, make an appointment to talk with your professor during office hours. If necessary, speak to someone at SASC to get suggestions about talking with professors or how to advocate for yourself.

10. For every course:

a) Attend all classes.

b) Preview new material and review the previous lecture before each class.

c) Sit toward the front of the class to reduce distraction, ask questions and participate in class.