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Testing Accommodation and Requests

If you are eligible for testing modifications such as extended time, a reader, a scribe or a different testing site, you will need to work with a SASC staff member to coordinate these services. It is the student's responsibility to discuss accommodations and make arrangements for the delivery of services with faculty and the SASC.

To be guaranteed a testing seat you will need to submit a test request at least one week before all regular exams and at least two weeks before the first university final. Students must remind the faculty of their accommodation needs at least 7 days prior to each exam.

Students wishing to have the exam proctored by the SASC must make proper arrangements with each professor for the delivery of each exam to the SASC. Please note that students who do not request the exams within the above time frame, will not be able to schedule their exams using the online test booking system. 

How to Submit a Test Request

Students registered with the Student Accessibility Support Center can take advantage of scheduling their exams with our new online booking system through accessAbility. When logging onto accessAbility you will greeted by our “Welcome Page” that will guide you through the 7 stage process to scheduling your exam. Please follow the below link to start booking your tests today…..

Online Test Booking Link


1. Allows you to select the course you are registering to take your exam in.

2. Enter the time and date of the exam.

3. Is the confirmation of your instructor’s name and email address.

4. Select your current accommodations that are needed for the exam

5. You will put in any additional information that the SASC needs to know prior to your exam.

6. Displays the date and time of your exam

7. You will finalize your exam time and press submit

Cancelling an Exam: 

Please fill out the Test Cancellation Form if an exam needs to be cancelled. We ask students to please give the SASC as much notice as possible for cancelled exams in order to possibly place another student in that seat.

Late Test Request Form: 

Students looking to make a Late Test Request will need to fill out the late test request form. Filling out the late registration form does not guarantee a seat for testing, as it is due to availability at the time of the request.