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Welcome New Seawolves! 

 We are very excited to have you join us at Stony Brook University! The Student Accessability Support Center is a resource on campus to help you with any accessability accomidations. This website has some information on how to prepare for orientation and your first semester at Stony Brook.


Preparing for Orientation

Mathematics Assessment - 
In order to enroll in a mathematics course, or a course with a mathematics prerequisite, all new students must demonstrate the appropriate level of mathematics proficiency. This is done by taking a proctored mathematics exam or its equivalent (appropriate transfer credit, AP scores, etc.) New students must take the proctored exam prior to their scheduled orientation. 

If you require accomodation for the assessment you will need to take it at SASC.

Appointments can be made by contacting us at 631-632-6748.

In order to provide accommodations SASC must receive and review your Documentation. 

Learn how to register for services here.


Register for Classes at Orientation - 
During your orientation you will sit with an Orientation Leader  and an Academic Advisor to enroll in classes for your first semester.  Be sure to schedule time between classes if you will need extended time for exams. 


Registering for Services

Learn how to register for services here. We suggest registering for services prior to your first day of classes to make sure you are set and ready to go. 

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