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SASC Sensory Space

Located in the SASC office, the Sensory Space provides all students at Stony Brook University a place to refocus and refresh. 

The Sensory Space holds a variety of options for students to manage their sensory inputs. Conents of the space are frequently refreshed. Currently they include the following:

      • Fidget toys and items
      • An encouragement wall
      • Sensory seating options
      • Sensory blankets and pillows
      • Sensory artwork
      • Earplugs and earmuffs

The Sensory Space is available for all Stony Brook Students, regardless of their affiliation with SASC. 

Location: Stony Brook Union 107

Open Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Please direct any questions to or call us at 631-632-6748.


Photo of the SASC Sensory Space

Photo of the SASC Sensory Space