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Advertising Policies and Procedures


CAMPUS CONNECT Student Life ListServ

  • The   Department of Engagement & Activities disseminates   approximately   two e-mail announcements per week during the academic year in an effort to keep students   and staff   informed about events and leadership opportunities on campus. To have your   events posted   please  follow the se  guidelines:
  • Campus departments and recognized student clubs and organizations   are permitted to have events posted on the CAMPUS CONNECT ListServ.
  • For club/organization events , events advertised must have prior approval by   a  program Advisor in the   Department of Student Engagement & Activities,  or Campus Recreation.  
  • To request to be featured on the CAMPUS CONNECT ListServ, events must be posted and approved on SB Engaged
1. Sign-in onto SB Engaged using your Stony Brook E-mail address.
2. Click on the  Organizations tab on the top right of the main page.
3. Search for and click into your organization.
4. Click  Submit An Event and fill in the details of your event.
5. Once the form is completed and submitted, it will appear on the main page of SB Engaged  as the date of your event approaches.

For those who have  previously  unsubscribed from receiving the Campus Connect Listserv and would like to renew their subscription:

  • Click here  to update your profile to begin receiving the listserv again.

For those who have never subscribed and would like to receive  Campus  Connect  

  • Click here to sign up to begin receiving the listserv

SCALA Screens

Stony Brook University uses a digital signage system that is targeted for specific buildings on-campus.

  • Campus departments and recognized student clubs and organizations are permitted to have messages posted on SCALA in the SAC.
  • Student events posted must first be approved by the program Advisor in the Department of Student Engagement and Activities or Campus Recreation.
  • To have an event featured on SCALA, please ensure your organization has posted created an event and posted a flier on SB Engaged.
  • Fliers should be 1024px by 600px and not exceed 10mb. 


Student Activities Center Posting Policy


We encourage departments and student organizations to promote their programs through a variety of outreach efforts.  Poster displays in the SAC Lobby have been discontinued in favor of the more effective marketing options listed below.


All posting in the SAC & SB Union must conform to  University Policy 615:  Posting Information:  Posters/Flyers University Wide


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