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Mission, Vision and Values


Fraternity & Sorority Life at Stony Brook University embodies the mission of The Department of Student Engagement & Activities  "..  to foster an active and vibrant campus community by developing a comprehensive co-curricular experience, which complements Stony Brook's academic curriculum and enhances the overall collegiate experience." Our organizations seek to create and preserve better connections amongst peers, faculty, and administration at the personal, social, and professional levels. The programs and goals of our student organizations exemplify the ideals of academic excellence, philanthropy, member development, brotherhood/sisterhood, risk management, and campus relations.


The fraternity and sorority community builds upon strong partnerships originated by their founders and ideals which foster a safe and healthy environment for our students to maintain a community that is respectful and supportive of all members, encourages individual student learning and the co-curricular experience, personal development while upholding the values of Stony Brook and each individual organization to create a better experience for the entire campus.

Shared Values

  • Academic Excellence
  • Service
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership
  • Brotherhood & Sisterhood
  • Multiculturalism

Learning Outcomes

As a result of membership in a fraternity or sorority at Stony Brook University, students will:

  1. Build healthy and supportive lifelong friendships and learn how to contribute to and foster a constructive team environment.
  2. Increase their knowledge of various topics outside of their classroom learning, develop and enhance critical thinking skills, and learn to apply knowledge to daily life.
  3. Gain an awareness of their individual strengths and challenges while building upon their self-respect and confidence.
  4. Develop a sense of civic responsibility through various service and philanthropic opportunities and raising awareness of important social issues.
  5. Commit to organizational values and practice accountability of themselves and others in regards to our shared fraternal values.
  6. Manage their personal and professional development effectively and focus on individual goals that lead towards living a purposeful and satisfying life.