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  2018-2019 New Club Proposal Information  is now available! 

Click here to learn more about the process. 

Things to consider before submitting a new club proposal:

  1. What is the purpose of the proposed organization? The foundation of any organization is its purpose. Why should this group exist? What need does the group fulfill? These are questions you should ask yourself if you are planning to propose a new organization for campus recognition. Additionally, you will need to ensure that this purpose is not already being fulfilled by another, already recognized, group. You can find all approved organizations on SB Engaged.

  2. What level of student is this group catering to? One of the questions you will be asked is “What level of organization is being proposed?”. The organization level refers to the level of student the proposed organization will be geared toward. There are three options for the level of organization being proposed:

    1. Undergraduate: Undergraduate organizations are aimed at assisting and engaging undergraduate students. Graduate students may also be interested, but the group is primarily tailored to the interests of undergraduate students. All members of the executive board for undergraduate organizations must be undergraduate students with a cumulative GPA of  2.25 or higher. * Undergraduate organizations may be eligible for funding from the Undergraduate Student Government after being recognized for 2 semesters.

    2. Graduate: Graduate organizations are aimed at assisting and engaging Graduate students. Undergraduate students may also be interested, but the group is primarily focused to the interests of graduate students. All members of the executive board for a graduate organization must be graduate students with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. *Graduate organizations may be eligible for funding from the Graduate Student Organization.   

    3. Undergraduate/Graduate Organization: Undergraduate/graduate organizations are aimed at assisting and engaging both undergraduate and graduate students. Both undergraduate and graduate students should be represented on the executive board in equal number (2 grad and 2 undergrad), and those students must meet the respective GPA requirements. *Undergraduate/graduate organizations may apply for funding from either USG or GSO, however given the financial bylaws of each governing board, these types of organizations may not be eligible for funding from either group.

  3. Does the constitution accurately reflect the purpose, goals and function of the organization?   Many organizations use the model constitution that is provided on SB Engaged. While we do provide this model, it is important that the organization carefully read and consider what is included in that model and determine if it accurately reflects the club that is being proposed. On the last page of the model there is a list of what needs to be included and what can be changed. Please refer to this page to ensure the requirements are being included in the constitution that is submitted.

  Being an Active Member of the Community:

Exploring the local areaplanning activities and/or  living off campus provides you with a wide variety of opportunities to be engaged members of the surrounding communities.  The  Statement of Community and the  Community Pledge help us to articulate our collective vision and values and we ask that you remember your actions represent you, the organizations you are affiliated with and the university as a whole.  


 25Live for Clubs

Click here to download a tutorial PowerPoint file. 

Those organizations that had representatives present at the 9/7/18 training, and have filled out the associated survey will receive their login information for 25Live shortly. Please note this information is specific to each organization and should not be shared. 

Those organizations that did not have representation at the conference will receive information regarding a make-up training by 9/21/18. These groups will not receive login credentials until after this make-up session and a survey is completed. 

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