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  Being an Active Member of the Community:

Exploring the local areaplanning activities and/or  living off campus provides you with a wide variety of opportunities to be engaged members of the surrounding communities.  The  Statement of Community and the  Community Pledge help us to articulate our collective vision and values and we ask that you remember your actions represent you, the organizations you are affiliated with and the university as a whole.  


 25Live for Clubs

Click here to download a tutorial PowerPoint file. 

Those organizations that had representatives present at the 9/7/18 training, and have filled out the associated survey will receive their login information for 25Live shortly. Please note this information is specific to each organization and should not be shared. 

Those organizations that did not have representation at the conference will receive information regarding a make-up training by 9/21/18. These groups will not receive login credentials until after this make-up session and a survey is completed. 

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