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In an effort to be more transparent about the grades, activities, and behavior of our University's fraternities and sororities, the Department of Student Engagement and Activities has created a scorecard. The Fraternity and Sorority Life Community Scorecard shows a snapshot of key measures for recognized chapters at Stony Brook University.  Please use this information to gauge your initial perspective on our active chapters and allow that to guide your knowledge about that organization. Please remember the information listed reflects where the organization was at during the time this report was compiled and may not reflect current organization status.

If you have additional questions and/or need scorecard information in a more accessible format, please contact .

For more information about our recognized chapters please see below.



Name of Chapter Greek Letters Council Recognition Status 
Alpha Phi Alpha  Α Φ Α NPHC Full Recognition 
Iota Nu Delta  ΙΝΔ MGC Full Recognition
Kappa Sigma  ΚΣ IFC Full Recognition 
Lambda Phi Epsilon    Λ Φ Ε MGC Probation
MALIK  MALIK MGC Full Recognition
Phi Beta Sigma  ΦΒΣ NPHC  Full Recognition 
Phi Chi Epsilon  ΦX Ε MGC Full Recognition 
Phi Delta Psi ΦΔΨ MGC  Full Recognition 
Phi Iota Alpha  Φ Ι A LGC  Full Recognition
Pi Delta Psi  ΠΔΨ MGC  Full Recognition 
Pi Kappa Phi    ΠΚΦ IFC Full Recognition 
Pi Lambda Phi    Π ΛΦ IFC Full Recognition  
Tau Kappa Epsilon  Τ Κ Ε IFC   Administrative Warning



Name of Chapter Greek Letters Council Recognition Status
alpha Kappa Delta Phi  αΚΔΦ MGC Administrative Warning
Alpha Sigma Alpha  Α Σ Α NPC Administrative Warning 
Epsilon Sigma Phi Ε Σ Φ MGC Administrative Warning 
Kappa Phi Lambda  ΚΦ Λ MGC Probation 
Lambda Theta Alpha Λ Θ Α LGC Full Recognition 
Omega Phi Beta  ΩΦΒ LGC Full Recognition
Sigma Delta Tau Σ Δ Τ NPC Full Recognition
Sigma Iota Sigma  Σ Ι Σ MGC Full Recognition
Sigma Psi Zeta  ΣΨΖ MGC Full Recognition 
Theta Phi Alpha    ΘΦΑ NPC Interim Suspension
Zeta Phi Beta    ΖΦΒ NPHC Full Recognition 


Professional Fraternities and Sororities 

Name of Chapter Greek Letters Council Recognition Status 
Alpha Kappa Psi  ΑΚΨ PGC Full Recognition
Alpha Omega Epsilon  ΑΩΕ PGC Full Recognition 
Delta Sigma Pi    ΔΣΠ PGC  Full Recognition
Phi Alpha Delta  ΦΑΔ PGC Full Recognition 
Phi Delta Epsilon Φ Δ Ε PGC Full Recognition 
Sigma Phi Delta  Σ Φ Δ PGC  Full Recognition 
Theta Tau ΘΤ PGC  Full Recognition

Not seeing an organization? Click here to learn about unrecognized groups.