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Fraternity/Sorority Recognition

 The expansion process for Fraternities and Sororities is different than the new club process. All fraternities and sororities wishing to seek recognition from Stony Brook University may submit a formal letter expressing interest to For guidelines on fraternity/sorority recognition, please review the policy provided below. 

The recognition application is currently closed, please check back for updates.

Fraternity & Sorority Recognition Policy

For any questions or concerns , please contact a staff member at  

  Please note: Stony Brook University will not recognize any new local fraternities or sororities. Inter/national fraternity and sorority headquarters or members may not solicit, recruit, or initiate Stony Brook University students without consent of the Department of Student Engagement and Activities. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a moratorium on the group’s eligibility to expand for a time to be determined by the Expansion Committee Chair, or their designee, that will be no less than two years.