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                                PLANNING VIRTUAL EVENTS


Think outside the box to create engaging virtual events for your members and other Seawolves! 

  • Think of your audience, and design your event around them 
  • Choose a platform to deliver the virtual content that best fits your needs
    • Some options include Facebook, Instagram Live, Periscope, and Zoom
    • Pro tip: you can share your screen to others on Zoom 
  • Market your event on SB Engaged and social media 
    • You can add a virtual location to SB Engaged events!
  • Provide an event description that allows participants to get an idea of how the event is going to work 
  • Decide if your event will be synchronous (at a specific time) or asynchronous (can be accessed whenever)
  • Add closed captions whenever possible, and recordings of your event after it happens
  • Use the registration feature in Zoom to capture participant’s names and SBU email. You can then pull a report from Zoom to import into your event in SB Engaged to track attendance
  • Check out some of these ideas for virtual events and activities: