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                                KEEPING ORGANIZED


Don’t forget to keep everything organized to allow for easy transitions, stay on top of requirements, and continue to grow your organization 

  • Centralize all of your club documents in one place 
  • You can use the documents section on your club/organization SB Engaged page, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc... 
  • Create a private facebook group for your members where you can discuss topics 
  • Keep a list of projects and deadlines your group is working on, as well as requirements your group need to meet for continued recognition 
    • Pro tip : Re-registration opens in April 
  • Make sure you update your club page on SB Engaged  with your most updated logo, statement of purpose, constitution, and group pictures
  • Update your roster on SB Engaged so you have an accurate picture of who is in your club and who is an active member with voting rights
  • Host elections well in advance, and allow for proper transition of e-board members