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                      HOST VIRTUAL MEETINGS


We hope you continue to host meetings for your general body, executive board, or committees.

Check out some tips below on hosting effective virtual meetings:


  • Set meeting times in advance, and try to make them at a consistent time every week
  • Test out your technology before you start your meeting. Make sure your video and audio are working properly 
  • Start your meetings with a check-in or an icebreaker, or open the meeting early to allow people to build community and chat amongst themselves before going into formal club business
  • Continue to provide an agenda before your meeting starts 
  • Take meeting minutes and store them in a shared folder where group members have access
  • Allow people to provide their input during meetings. Set a time for members to share ideas 
    • Pro tip : you can use the breakout room feature in Zoom to have committee meetings 
  • Get feedback from your members by creating surveys or polls 
  • Teach your members how to use parliamentary procedures to conduct meetings, this will help you run your meetings more effectively 


Virtual  Meeting Platforms

Messaging Tools

Meeting Scheduling Platforms

Project Management Platforms

Zoom  |   Learn  
Slack  |   Learn
Doodle  |   Learn  
Asana  |   Learn
Hangouts Meet  |   Learn  
(premium free until July)
GroupMe  |   Learn  
When2Meet  |   Learn  
Trello  |   Learn
Skype   |   Learn  
WhatsApp  |   Learn  
LettuceMeet   |   Learn  
Basecamp   |   Learn
Hangouts Chat  |   Learn  
NeedtoMeet   |   Learn
Google Drive  |   Learn