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Find Events & Organizations

Finding events & organizations is easier than ever on SB Engaged & Corq. SB Engaged houses all of Stony Brook’s Recognized clubs & organizations, various departments, and is the best place to find out what's happening on campus.

Make sure to download CORQ, (SB Engaged's mobile platform) for access on the go!

Accessing Events & Organizations on SB Engaged

*For detailed information on how to access events & organizations on CORQ, click here*


1. Visit: & click on “Sign In”, and input your Net ID & Password

2. Click on "Organizations" for a comprehensive list and select "Filter" to narrow it down. Choose an organization to view contact information, upcoming events, & more! 


3. Click on "Events" to see a list of upcoming activities and what's happening nearby. Events are updated in real time.

4. Select "Filter" to focus your search and find activities based on theme, category, & perks! Select the event to view more information, and add it to your calendar!



keep safe

Warning: Some organizations that are not recognized organizations at Stony Brook may attempt to continue to operate despite having lost/never receiving recognition from the University. Any operation of these groups is not sanctioned by the institution and is considered against university guidelines. Therefore, students should carefully consider the potential risks before associating with an unrecognized group.


For a complete list of   recognized  clubs please visit: