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2022-2023  Student Life Awards Winners

The Jerrold L. Stein Student Life Awards for Excellence in Student Leadership and Campus Involvement is an annual celebration of the exceptional students, organizations, and advisors at Stony Brook University.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022-2023 Student Life Awards! Thank you to those who contributed toward making this ceremony a  success. 

Student Life Awards

Student Program Awards

 Social Program Award: Honors an event that promoted a sense of community and engagement across a broad subset of the campus population, and had a significant impact on the campus community.

     2023 Winner:  Asian Student Alliance - Asian Night

Service Program Award: Honors an event whose outcomes promoted the tenets of selfless acts of service and civic engagement.

     2023 Winner: Student Blood Drive Committee - Stony Brook Blood Drives

Educational Program Award: Honors a creative program that promotes greater awareness of an existing academic, political, or social issue through educational efforts that enhance student learning and provide a meaningful exchange of ideas.

     2023 Winner:  Iranian Graduate Student Association - Campus Rally for the Brave Women of Iran

Diversity & Inclusion Program Award: Honors an event that promoted cross-cultural learning and interaction, appealed to a broad audience, and provided a meaningful exchange of ideas

     2023 Winner:  BlackWorld - Black History Month Special Edition

Program of the Year: Honors a program that has had a positive impact on the overall Stony Brook community. This award recognizes a program that embodied the SBU spirit of inclusiveness and school pride, and promoted a community of awesome.

     2023 Winner: Origami Club - Cranes for a Cause


Student Leader Awards

Advocacy Leadership Award: Honors a student who has demonstrated strong leadership in generating campus wide awareness about existing social issues and advocated for change in the community.

     2023 Winner: Audrey Fernandez

Peter Baigent Recreational & Leadership Activities Leadership Award: Honors a student for their outstanding leadership in creating a unique community space on campus for students to express themselves focusing on a particular hobby, passion or interest, while allowing stduents to find community they might not be able to find elsewhere on campus.

     2023 Winner: Luis Pagan

Community Service Leadership Award: Honors a student who has shown an unwavering dedication to servant leadership and a commitment to generating awareness of comunity based issues beyond the borders of our campus. 

     2022 Winner: Alicia Figeroux

Civic Engagement Leadership Award: Honors a student who has devoted significant time and effort to civic eduation, civic justice or civility issues and has shown a committment to generating awareness of civic- and civility-based issues on or off campus

     2023 Winners: Christopher Sullivan and Rory O'Neill

Emerging Leadership Award: Honors a freshman or sophomore student who has taken on leadership roles and has demonstrated significant progress towards achieving their leadership potential through campus and community involvement.

     2023 Winners: Rachel Liu

Organizational Leadership Award: Honors non-executive board members of recognized organizations who go above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to enhance the purpose of their organization.

     2023 Winner: Sharron Huang

Executive Board Member the Year:Honors a member of an executive board of a recognized organization who has gone beyond the call of duty to enhance the purpose of their organization be it through acquiring new skills, membership engagement, leadership development, cross-campus collaboration, and relationship building.

     2023 Winner: Jacob Huben

Theresa Montenaro 200% Student Leadership Award: Throughout her 20 years as a custodian in the Stony Brook Union, Theresa Montenaro was committed to providing a caring and safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff. This award honors a junior or senior student leader who goes beyond the call of duty, regularly gives 200%, and exemplifies  Theresa Montenaro’s unique qualities, which include the ability to listen with understanding, guide without boundaries, give and take with love, and grow with each passing day. 

     2023 Winner: Elizabeth Argiro

Elizabeth D. Couey Award: This award was esablished in 1974 in memory of the first Director of the Stony Brook Union and is awarded for outstanding contributions towards the omprovement and growth of stduent life at Stony Brook. Elizabeth D. Couey Award was established in 1974 in memory of the first Director of the Stony Brook Union and honors a graduating senior for outstanding contributions toward the improvement and growth of student life at Stony Brook. Nominees for this award must be undergradute student leaders of senior standing (expected graduation date of May, August, or December 2020), with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 of higher, in good standing with the University.

     2023 Winner: Aquelah Francis


Student Organization Awards

Advisor of the Year Award: Honors a faculty or staff member who has served as an advisor to a student club or organization. This advisor is involved with the student leaders offers knowledge and experience to the organization, and provides assistance and support on an ongoing basis.

     2023 Winner: Christine Marullo

Best New Organization Award: Honors a student organization that newly registered within the past 12 months and is dedicated to student life. This organization takes the initiative to make the organization visible on campus, has grown in membership since its recognition, and shows potential for continued growth and success on our campus.

     2023 Winner: Women in Health Care

Most Improved Organization Award:Honors an organization that has shown significant, meaningful and lasting growth and development in areas such as programming, leadership and organizational management.

     2023 Winners: Commuter Student Association and Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, International

Campus Community Impact Award The Campus Community Impact Award is presented to an organization that is committed to engaging the student population in programming and initiatives that are impactful, lasting and generate a sense of community, pride, inclusivity and engagement. 

     2023 Winner: Iraniah Graduate Student Association 

Social Media Engagement Award: Honors an organization that has sucessfully utilized one or more social media platforms, and whose social media content promotes engagement through a variety of innovative methods.

     2023 Winner: Korean Student Association 

Organization of the Year Award: Honors an organization that has made a significant effort to further its purpose through its contribution to Stony Brook and/or the community at large. This award recognizes the student organization that has demonstrated consistent flexibility, initiative, creativity and perseverance through their activities and programs, and has contributed signficiantly toward the groth of its members.

     2023 Winner: Pre-Nursing Society



Undergraduate Student Government Awards

Executive Council Member of the Year: Arsh Naseer

Senator of the Year: Alex Casamassima

Assistant of the Year: Zaya Daniel

Staff Recognition: Elizabeth Frisenda

Community Collaborator: Joshua Feng

Community Engagement: Wideline Jean

Student Community Advocate of the Year: Harrison Feig

Mental Health Advocate of the Year: Rimakshi Roy

Environmentalist of the Year: Kellianne Ticcony

Emerging Leader: Luca Rallis

Continuing Leadership: Christopher Jean

Unsung Hero: Jacky Chen

Influencial Communicator: Aliaksandra Kiniova

Outstanding Teamwork: USG Accounting Office - Connie Thomas, Denise Eylers, Guillermo Bringas, Emily Tosson, Sora Park, Dominic Cajigal, Elizabeth Vool

Recognition of Constant Dedication: Easmin Chowdhury

Recognition of Impactful Mentorship: Ocean Karim

Fearless Leader: Victoria Sarita