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2013-2014 Student Life Awards Winners

The Student Life Awards for Excellence in Student Leadership and Campus Involvement is an annual celebration of the exceptional students, organizations, and advisors at Stony Brook University.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013-2014 Student Life Awards!  This year, the Student Life Awards committee received over 380 nominations. Over 70 students, faculty, staff, and student organizations were honored at the ceremony held on Wednesday, May 7, 2014.  Thank you to those who contributed towards making this ceremony a huge success.


Student Life Awards

Advocacy Leadership Award Honors a student who has demonstrated strong leadership in generating campus wide awareness about existing social issues and advocated for change in the community.

2014 Winner: Neha Kinariwalla

Advocacy Program Award Honors a unique program that makes the campus community aware of a major social issue and implements an action-based response.

2014 Winner: SBU Food Pantry, "SBU Food Pantry Programs"

Best New Organization Award Honors a student organization that newly registered within the past 12 months and is dedicated to student life. This organization takes the initiative to make the organization visible on campus, has grown in membership since its recognition, and shows potential for continued growth and success on our campus.

2014 Winner: Stony Brook Student Nurses' Association

Community Service Program Award Honors a community service program or project that has helped others in the community and provided enrichment through active service and service learning.

2014 Winner: Alternative Spring Break Outreach, "Service Trip to Colorado"

Collaboration Award Honors a student organization that has consistently collaborated with a variety of student groups and/or University departments throughout the academic year to produce quality activities and/or services.

2014 Winner: Chinese Association at Stony Brook

Distinguished Service Award Honors an organization that has made a continuous effort to service the student body and the University community. This organization's efforts are exceptional, meaningful, and make a lasting impact on campus.

2014 Winner: Alternative Spring Break Outreach

Educational Program Award Honors a creative program that promotes greater awareness of an existing academic, political, or social issue through educational efforts that enhance student learning and provide a meaningful exchange of ideas.

2014 Winner: Toscanini College, "Boobs & Bras"

Emerging Leader Award Honors a freshman or sophomore student who has taken on leadership roles and has demonstrated significant progress towards achieving their leadership potential through campus and community involvement.

2014 Winner: Ruchi Shah

Innovative Leadership Award Honors a student who utilizes creative and innovative leadership to enhance the University community. This can include the creation of new programs, implementation of new ideas, or the utilization of creative problem solving skills.

2014 Winner: Daniel Ahmadizadeh

Most Outstanding Student Organization Award Honors an organization which has been able to fulfill its mission, involve the campus in its purpose, serves a leadership role on campus, is involved in the campus community, is open minded and diverse, has the ability to accept and overcome challenges, and sustains itself in creative ways.

2014 Winner: Engineers Without Borders

Multicultural Leadership Award Honors a student leader who has displayed strong leadership on diversity and multicultural matters and has devoted time and effort to the improvement of the University community in the promotion and support of cross-cultural awareness.

2014 Winner: Sugandha Gupta

Multicultural Program Award Honors an innovative program that promotes cross-cultural learning and interaction, educates the campus community, and appeals to a diverse audience.

2014 Winner: Hindu Students Council, "Garba"

Outstanding Advisor Award Honors a faculty or staff member who has served as an advisor to a student club or organization. This advisor is involved with the student leaders offers knowledge and experience to the organization, and provides assistance and support on an ongoing basis.

2014 Winner: Christine Noonan

Recreational Leadership Award Honors a student for their outstanding leadership in recreation, including sports and physical well being programs.

2014 Winner: Meaghan Coyne

Recreational & Leisure Activities Program Award Honors an outstanding recreational or leisure program whose outcome had a significant impact on the University community.

2014 Winner: Alpha Phi Delta, "Fall Classic"

Social Program Award Honors an exceptional campus program that has broad-based appeal provides opportunities to meet new people.

2014 Winner: Weekend Life Council and International Student Organization, "Thanksgiving Traditions"

Student Life Enhancement Award Honors an organization for developing and implementing improvements in the quality of student life. This organization fosters positive change within the Stony Brook community with focus on enhancing the student experience through effective programming and/or student activism.

2014 Winner: Commuter Student Association

The Elizabeth D. Couey Award This award was established in 1974 in memory of the first Director of the Stony Brook Union and is awarded to a graduating senior for outstanding contributions towards the improvement and growth of student life at Stony Brook. Nominees must exemplify Elizabeth Couey’s unique qualities of exemplary service, visionary leadership, and an unceasing dedication to enhancing campus life. 

2014 Winner: Anna Lubitz

The Theresa Montenaro 200% Student Leadership Award Throughout her 20 years as a custodian in the Stony Brook Union, Theresa Monetanaro was committed to providing a caring and safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff. This award honors a junior or senior student leader who goes beyond the call of duty, regularly gives 200%, and exemplifies Theresa Montenaro’s unique qualities, which include the ability to listen with understanding, guide without boundaries, give and take with love, and grow with each passing day. 

2014 Winner: Olivia Cheng

The Shirley Strum Kenny Steel Magnolia Award This award is presented annually to a staff or faculty member who has demonstrated compassion and strength in support of enhancing the overall student experience. The award is named in honor of former President Kenny who was presented the first "Steel Magnolia" award by a group of students in 2009.

2014 Winner: Elizabeth Frisenda

The Sister Margaret Ann Landry, RSHM Lifetime Achievement Advising Award This award is presented annually to a staff or faculty member with 10 or more years of service, who has provided extraordinary commitment mentoring and advising individuals and/or student groups on campus. The award is named in honor of its first recipient, who received the honor in 2003.

2014 Winner: Catherine Marrone

Health Sciences Association Student Leadership Awards

School of Health Technology and Management

Respiratory Care Program - Maria Choez, Miranda Guerriero

Health Science Program - Deborah Akinbowale, Elin Chen, Ashley Goldstein, Larissa Nysch, Perry Tang

School of Social Welfare - Amy Angelone

School of Nursing - Nadia Aissi, Toni Bronfenbrener, Lindsay Buckheit, Derek Cope, Charles Davis, Brett Jackson, Carly Jones, Navdeep Kaur, Karoline Lee, Melody Montero, Kyle Mitchinson, Erica Powers, Angela Tan, Jennifer Young, Liana Yung


Graduate Student Organization Awards

GSO Student Life Award - Yahfi Talukdar, Travis Kruse

GSO Service Andrei Antoneko Award - Atulya Prasad, Yury Sobolev


Office of Student Activities Distinguished Service Awards

Fraternity and Sorority Academic Achievement Award - Kappa Sigma, Epsilon Sigma Phi Sorority, Inc.

Media Service Awards - Society of Professional Journalists, SBU-TV, Spoke the Thunder

Weekend Life Programming Awards

Weekend Life Enhancement Award - Hindu Students Council

Most Outstanding Weekend Life Grand Funded Program Award - NAACP "Image Awards", Gamer's Guild "NerdFest"


Undergraduate Student Government Awards

Outstanding Service Award - Kerri Mahoney

Leadership Award - Steven Adelson

Unsung Hero Award - Deborah Akinbowale

Office Appreciation Award - Mary Howley, Elizabeth Frisenda, Gina Windisch, Denise Eylers, Thomas Kirnbauer

Emerging Leader Award - Vincent Justiniano

Devotion Award - Mario Ferone

Best USG Department Award - USG A/V