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Isolate in Place Guidance

Isolation GuidelinesQuarantine GuidelinesCommunity Responsibilities

Isolation Guidelines

What should I do if I test positive for COVID and live in a residence hall on campus?

  • Leaving campus to go home is strongly encouraged, but not required. You may choose to isolate yourself at the home of a family member or friend. The Campus Health Response team can help you with this decision.
  • If you cannot leave campus, you can isolate yourself in your own room.  
  • If you have tested positive for COVID and need more information on isolation timeframes and procedures, call (631) 632-6176 (on campus 2-6176) and leave a message.

Can I attend class or activities if I test positive for COVID? 

  • You are required to isolate for a minimum of 5 days. Do not attend in-person classes or any activities. You can continue any online courses if you feel well enough to do so. 
  • Do not have any guests in your residence hall room during your isolation period. 
  • Contact the Student Support Team at their COVID support website  so that they can then contact your instructors regarding your absence from class. The Student Support Team does not share any personal or medical information with your instructors but will validate your absence from in-person classes for the duration of your isolation period. 

How do I isolate myself in my residence hall?

  • Stay in your residence room for your isolation period. You should only leave your room to use the bathroom, pick up food, dispose of trash, or for a fire alarm or medical emergency.
  • If you have a roommate and/or suitemates, inform them of your status and plans for isolation. You  should wear a mask at all times when and if you are around others. Once you have finished isolation after 5 days, continue to wear a mask at all times for 5 additional days.
  • Limit time in shared bathrooms and wash your hands after use.
  • Do not spend time in the hallways, lounges, kitchen, common living room, or laundry room.
  • Do not share personal household items like cups, towels, and utensils.

How do I obtain food?

  • Grab-and-go food options are available in various locations throughout campus. For additional information, please visit
  • Bring food to your room and eat only inside your room. You may remove your face covering while you are actively eating or drinking.


Quarantine Guidelines

I do not have symptoms but my roommate is sick or tested positive. What should I do? 

    • You can attend classes, work, and all other activities on campus.
    • Monitor yourself for symptoms for a full 10 days after exposure.
    • Students who have been exposed to COVID-19 are offered FREE  antigen test kits by Student Health Services. You can obtain one carton of two tests for free by requesting them at the front desk during clinic hours.
    • If you develop symptoms, contact Student Health Services at (631) 632-6740 or your private health care provider.

What if I don't feel comfortable with my roommate staying in the room when they are sick? 

Notify the Campus Health Response Team of your situation and they will advise you on how to proceed. You can reach them at (631) 632-6176 (on campus 2-6176). Alternative room assignments will not be available.

Who to contact for further support and information?

  • If experiencing a medical emergency, contact UPD at (631) 632-3333.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID and need more information on isolation timeframes and procedures, call (631) 632-6176 (on campus 2-6176) and leave a message.


Community Responsibilities

You must be familiar with your rights and responsibilities as a student, and especially as a resident. See the following links for Stony Brook University policies:

 If you have any questions, please visit the Student Health & Safety FAQs or contact Student Health Services at (631) 632-6740