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Packing Information

Tips for Packing 

Use this checklist as a starting point for making sure you have everything you are going to need for your first year at college.

General Linens Desk Supplies Electronics Shared Items Toiletries
Fan Bed Sheets Pens & Pencils Laptop Fridge Shower Shoes
Clothes Hangers Pillowcases Sticky Notes Headphones TV Shower Caddy
Reusable Water Bottle Blankets Dry-Erase Markers & Board UL Rated Surge Protector w/ Ciruit Breaker Iron w/ Automatic Shut-Off Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Mirror Laundry Bag Binder Clips Smartphone Water Kettle w/ Automatic Shut-Off Soap
First Aid Kit Laundry Supplies (Cleaner / Fabric Softener) Paper Clips   Keurig  w/ Automatic Shut-Off  Shaving Kit 
Snacks   Stapler      Nail Clipers Files, etc.
Ramen   Highlighers      
    Notebooks / Paper      

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed in our university apartments due to the NYS Fire Code or the Terms of Occupancy: 

  • Candles
  • Chemicals/combustibles
  • "Cut to fit" Decorative string lights
  • Appliances not approved to your building and area (microwaves, toasters, rice cookers, hot plates, grills, crock pots, etc.)*
  • Outlet Splitters, Adapters, &  Extension Cords
  • Bed Raisers
  • Foam / Gel Mattress Toppers
  • Air Conditioning Units & Space Heaters
  • Coffee Makers & Water Boilers with warming plates
  • Hoverboards, Electric Skateboard, Electric Scooters, & other Electric or Motorized Transportation Devices
  • Plug-in Air Fresheners
  • E-Cigarettes / Vapes / Tobacco
  • Pets*
  • Irons without auto shut off
  • Non-Approved Personal Furniture 
  • Wall Decorations that cover more than 10% of the wall space

*For further details and exceptions see the full   Terms of Occupancy   or refer to your Apartment Coordinator or Residence Hall Director. Thank you for not bringing these items into our residence halls.