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Opening Weekend & Moving In

Moving In/Check In

One the first day of opening weekend, students will have the opportunity to move their belongings into their assigned dorms. Volunteers from the Welcome Wagon will be available to guide and help students. In addition, students will meet their Residential Assistants, Residential Hall Director, and learn more about their living community. Students will recieve the schedule for Opening Weekend after they check in. From there, students can explore the campus, meet new people, plan out routes to get to class, etc. 

Opening Weekend

Opening Weekend is a multi-day program where students are introduced to life at Stony Brook University. Students will attend a series of programs and activities designed to acclimate you to Stony Brook and introduce you to faculty, staff, and fellow students. You will receive important information about your rights and responsibilities as a Stony Brook student, including policy information on issues such as drugs and alcohol, sexual assault, hazing, and the University code of conduct. You will also receive your student ID card and have the opportunity to visit an information fair consisting of various university departments.

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