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Before You Arrive

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COVID-19 Testing

Please click here for information on the COVID-19 testing requirement.

Find Your New Home

All buildings at Stony Brook University can be searched up on services such as Google and Apple Maps in order to find walking and driving directions. 

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Directions To Campus

Packing Information

Tips For Packing

Use this checklist as a starting point for making sure you have everything you are going to need for your first year at Stony Brook. Given COVID-19, residents are strogly encouraged to pack only the essential items that they need for the Fall semester. At semester break, or as needed, students can bring additional items that they need for their room, suite or apartment.

You will be able to leave your belongings in the residence halls over winter break if you are coming back for the spring semester. Please always take your valuable items with you if you will be leaving your room for an extended period.

Keep in mind while packing that, upon reasonable notice, residents may be required to vacate the residence halls on a temporary or permanent basis following state, county, or University mandates and requirements if COVID-19 cases rise that results in the decision to reduce housing density. For more information please check    Coming Back Safe and Strong Student FAQs: Housing/Residential Life  

Packing List    


What to Bring on Campus

Accessibility/Disability Accommodations: Residents may request exceptions for prohibited appliances and furnishings for short term or long term accessibility/disability needs through the Student Accessibility Support Center. Explicit approval for such items must be granted before bringing them to campus.

Prohibited Items: The following is a non-exhaustive list of items prohibited in our community. These items are subject to immediate confiscation by staff and can result in a referral to Community Standards. Please note that if an item does not appear on this list implies that the item is approved. Please refer to the Terms of Occupancy and/ or refer to your Apartment Coordinator or Residence Hall Director or Resident Assistant for additional assistance .

  • Washing machines not provided by the University
  • Irons without automatic shut-off
  • Air conditioners not supplied by the University
  • Space heaters not supplied by the University
  • Lamps that do not use compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs and
  • lamps that have non-USB power outlets and heat producing lights (e.g., grow lamps, heat lamps, Salt lamps)
  • Any motorized (or motor propelled) devices including, but not limited to: hoverboards,motorized skateboards, and segways
  • Any heat-generating appliances including, but not limited to: hot plates, non-University issued/provided microwaves, grill cookers, non-single brew coffee makers (i.e., “hot-plate style”), and toaster ovens
  • Pressure cookers
  • Non-upholstered wooden furniture, furniture with USB/electrical outlets, or upholstered furniture that does not meet CAL 117 (or higher) standards.
  • Bed risers
  • Non-University bed frames, lofts, or lofted beds
  • Plug-in air fresheners
  • Possessing/using/starting: fires, grills, candles, incense, or other combustible or flammable items. Possessing/using: gas, kerosene, alcohol, or other flame-producing appliances. Residents may not use or possess charcoal, bottled gas, or any torch or flaming device including, but not limited to: gasoline-fueled stoves, in the apartments/rooms/suites or on the balcony. Kerosene heaters are strictly prohibited


  • Any lamps or other lighting need to be CFL or LED- These bulbs operate at a lower temperature and pose less of a danger!
  • Heat producing lights (e.g., grow lamps, heat lamps, Salt lamps) are prohibited.
  • “Cut to Fit” lights are prohibited.
  • Roll, String, or tube and other decorative lights may be placed on walls that do not have
  • windows or egress doors (i.e., Bathroom doors, room doors, apartment/suite doors) or transition
  • thresholds (e.g., between the kitchen and living room in apartments). Lights must be hung flush
  • against the wall and cannot inhibit movement. No lights may be hung from ceilings or from one
  • wall to another. Only one light unit per wall is permitted.
  • Lights with non-USB power outlets are prohibited.

Surge Protectors and power outlets:

Any and all multi-plug devices (e.g., surge protectors) must be surge protected and be resettable (i.e., not a single use surge protector). Extension cords are strictly prohibited. Please refer to the Terms of Occupancy   for more details.

Furniture and Bedding:

  • Upholstered furniture must meet California Technical Bulletin 117 (CAL 117) standards. The
  • furniture must have a tag affixed to the item clearly showing it meets CAL 117 standards and
  • must be approved by Campus Residences staff.
  • Non-upholstered furniture must be metal or plastic.
  • All non-university provided furniture must be appropriately sized for the space. No personal
  • furniture can impede movement or egress. Furniture that compromises safety is subject to
  • removal even if it meets all other standards. University provided furniture may not be removed
  • from a space to accommodate personal furniture.
  • Bins, bookcases, drawers, racks, storage containers, and television stand, must be metal or
  • plastic. Small fabric storage bins are permitted. All items must conform to the standards outlined
  • in V.E.2.
  • Furniture with electrical outlets or USB ports not provided by the University is prohibited.
  • No furniture may be stacked on top of another piece of furniture.
  • Beds, desks, and dressers are not permitted in common areas of suites or apartments.
  • University-owned furniture that is placed in public areas (including, but not limited to: lounges,
  • recreation rooms, and classrooms) cannot be removed from assigned spaces and are
  • prohibited in any resident apartments, rooms, or suites.
  • Mattresses not issued by the University, including air mattresses or other temporary bedding, are prohibited.
  • Mattress pads must be cotton, polyester, or a blend of each.
  • Non-University bed frames, lofts, or lofted beds are prohibited.  


Special Tips For International and Out of State / Out of Area students

There is a mailroom located in most of our residential communities on campus. All student mail, including packages are delivered to the mailroom in the ara of campus that you will live in. These spaces are limited in size and stoarge capacity. Therefore it is strongly encouraged that students delay shipping large items o that they arrive after the student reaches the campus.  

While students are expected to provide their own bed linens and towels, there will be a limited number of these items available on a loaner basis upon request in each Area Office for students unable to travel with these items. Upon purchasing bedding and other linens, these items must be laundered and returned to the Area Office so that they remain available for other students.