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Community Engagement

Through the Community Engagement Initiative, the Stony Brook University Residential Programs Department will provide co-curricular environments where all residents can find their homes on campus. We will create a caring and inclusive community through the active participation of all community members.

Students playing in the Chavez CourtyardOur engagement initiatives will provide opportunities for residents to create experiences with fellow members of their community at all levels of engagement, such as individual peer relationships and through residential programs staff (floor, building, area, and campus at large). These engagement initiatives will be achieved through varying creative outlets such as bulletin boards, floor and building events, campus activities, one-on-one interactions, community meetings, and initiatives that intentionally focus on four developmental domains: Diversity & Inclusion, Civic Engagement, Academic & Career Success, and Wellness. Our efforts will be carefully assessed by residential programs staff, with an emphasis on the residential student experience. In short, our staff is committed to community

Our expectations of you:

  • Commit to helping us help you by actively participating in our programs
  • Take advantage of opportunities and resources
  • Be open to the opportunity to learn and engage with new experiences
  • Understand the impact you have on your new community
  • Respect yourself and your peers
  • Follow the Terms of Occupancy and the CODE of Student Responsibility


What you can expect from us:

  • Be committed to knowing your story
  • Be invested in your individual success as a student
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment
  • Connect you to a rich network of resources for personal and professional development
  • Pave the way for meaningful relationships with peers, faculty, and staff