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Kelly Quad is the Undergraduate College of Human Development

Students who live in Kelly Quad will have the opportunity to explore themselves while being part of a strong community.


Kelly Quad is located on the West side of campus off of Circle Road. It is located close to the LIRR train station, West Side Dining and the academic mall. Kelly Quad can be found in quadrant B4 on the   Campus Map .


The quad contains six buildings and has suite style floor plans. Five of the buildings (excluding Lauterbur Hall) have suites that are composed of two to three double bedrooms. Lauterbur Hall contains suites with three double bedrooms. Every double bedroom is Kelly Quad is 16' x 10' (160 sq. ft.). 

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HDV Center

Fitness Center

Computing Center


Mail Room

Advising Contact

Corridor & Suite, Substance Free, 24 Hour Quiet, GIH Explained


H Quad Learning Center

Students and staff at annual Kelleanor event

Close To

    • West Side Dining
    • On-Campus Bagel Express and Hershey's Ice Cream
  • HDV/GLS Center
  • Long Island Rail Road Stony Brook Station

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Kelly Quad, please contact us For information about housing rates, please  visit  the   Rates and Fees Page .