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Undergraduate Housing

Undergraduate students at Stony Brook University have a several living options available in order to best serve every student. There are two different styles of residence hall available for students, corridor style and suite style. 

Corridor style is a community of about 30 residents living in double or single bedrooms along a hallway, sharing a common bath and shower area, lounge area, and for cooking buildings, a kitchen. Students enjoy this style of housing if they are looking for a social building with a strong sense of community. The other option is suite style housing, which is a building that has rooms of four to six residents in a suite with two to three bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and common area.  

First year students are placed into their Quad based off of their interest in an Undergraduate College.   For returning students, they will go through the process of room selection where they may chose to remain in their original quad or switch to a different living style depending on availability.  Students can learn more about each quad area below. 

Apartment Style and Single Room Suites are available for Junior and Senior students in West Apartments, Chávez Hall, and Tubman Hall. More information can be found below about these areas as well.