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Housing Demand Above Standard Occupancy

Campus Residences is a premier choice for many of our students. In recent years, we have built additional buildings to meet increased demand from our students. As a campus, we prioritize all newly admitted students who meet deposit and application deadlines for their first year of housing. For continuing students, we prioritize those with current housing agreements. Students who do not live with us must join the on-campus housing waitlist to see if they can be housed. For more information on how to apply to a waitlist, see our how-to guide

When new first-year and transfer student applications exceed demand, Housing Administration will implement one or two strategies to meet as many new students' needs as possible in mid-June.

Temporary Triple Rooms for New Students

For 2024-2025, there may need to be minimal temporary tripling to accommodate all new student housing requests. 

Based on current projections, certain double occupancy rooms have been designated as rooms that can be converted for temporary tripling to accommodate three occupants.

For the rooms designated based on current projections:
When selecting certain rooms, residents will see the description “This room may be converted to a temporary triple if occupancy demand exceeds availability. Residents will be notified if this occurs” in the shopping cart section of the room they select. There are also designed three-person rooms in the campus housing inventory. Those are labeled as “Corridor Style, designed three person room...” and not considered a temporary triple as they have a larger layout.

Individuals who selected a space designated as “This room may be converted to a temporary triple if occupancy demand exceeds availability. Residents will be notified if this occurs” will be informed by the end of July as we approach the $100 deposit forfeit or termination fee cancellation deadline.

If additional rooms are needed beyond current projections:
If demand exceeds the current rooms designated, additional double rooms will be identified that can be utilized as temporary triples. Impacted individuals will be notified should this occur.

Individuals who have been notified that they will be living in temporary triples:
The notice will include information about the room configuration, the de-tripling process, and best practices for living in a temporary triple. Spaces are anticipated to be de-tripled within the fall semester. Students receive an approximate 15% reduction of the room rate credited to their account for the days the space was designated as a temporary triple. If demand for campus housing remains high, the temporary triple room could remain occupied with three residents throughout the year, and students will be notified with additional information about room costs and credits.

Do you have more questions about the Tripling process? Click below to find out more.

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Radius Policy Procedures

If demand exceeds what a reasonable amount of temporary triple can accommodate, we may implement our radius policy for all residents. Residents with a home address within a certain distance from the university would not be eligible for campus housing, but will be refunded their housing deposit, and will be added to a priority waitlist. If and when space becomes available, residents excluded from receiving housing due to the radius policy would have priority to have on-campus housing during the same agreement period over individuals who are on our general on-campus housing waitlist. Additionally, continuing residents in corridor-style buildings may be reassigned prior to arrival to suite-style vacancies to create additional spaces in first-year housing.