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Housing Options

Substance Free Housing Communities

These communities provide students with a living option free of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and other drugs.  There are substance free communities available in every quad on campus.  Residents who fail to comply with the expectations of a Substance Free community will receive a judicial referral and may be administratively reassigned to a space in another residential community upon the first violation.  Substance Free Communities Include: 

  • Dreiser College
  • Gray College
  • Mount College
  • Langmuir College
  • Keller College
  • Lauterbur Hall
  • Yang Hall
  • Eisenhower College


Quiet Living Communities

Our Quiet Living Communities maintain a policy of quiet hours at all times.  Students who live in these buildings are expected to follow this policy and respect their fellow residents if request noise to be reduced.  It is understood that everyday noises (i.e. doors opening, conversations in the hall and behind doors) may exist and are not considered unreasonable. It is expected that residents are their guests are courteous of others at all times. These are not completely silent buildings. Residents who fail to comply with the expectations of a Quiet Living Community may receive a judicial referral or be administratively reassigned to a space in another residential community. Warnings may be given in verbal or written form.   Quiet Living Communities Include:

  • Dreiser College
  • Gershwin College
  • James College
  • Ammann College
  • Schick College
  • Stimson College
  • West Apartment B, H, and I


Gender Inclusive Housing 

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is a housing option in which two or more students share a multiple occupancy space, suite or apartment regardless of the students' sex, gender identity or gender expression. In other words, this option allows for students of any gender identity to live together regardless of sex assigned at birth.  

Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH) is available to Stony Brook students who are  matriculated students and who turn 18 years of age or older by the end of their first year in which they matriculate. GIH can be selected as a living option when students go through the  room selection process on the   housing portal. Spaces are available across campus and support all floor plan options: corridor, suite-style, apartment. Before selecting gender inclusive housing, please watch this video

For more information, please contact:

Campus Residences  at (631) 632 - 6750 or at

LGBTQ* Services  at (631) 632 - 2941 or at

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