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Family Housing

Campus Residences has a community dedicated to accommodating families who wish to live on campus, located at Chapin Apartments.

Availability of family housing is not guaranteed. While we do our best to accommodate family housing requests, spaces are limited and there is no guarantee that there will be space (or the right type of space) for every family housing applicant.

All apartments come fully furnished. University-provided furniture cannot be removed from the apartment. There are limitations on what additional furniture can be brought into the residence halls and on-campus housing apartments. For full policies, including guidelines regarding additional furniture, please review the Terms of Occupancy website. 

Each apartment has one bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a living room. Apartments are equipped with a queen-sized bed in the unit's bedroom. If requested, two twin extra-long beds can be provided instead of a queen-sized bed for families preferring that configuration. 

Rates and Fees

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Requirements for Family Housing

  • Family housing is available only to full time matriculated Stony Brook University students who live with their child/partners full time and meet all eligibility requirements. If your child/partner lives elsewhere but only comes to visit for a few weeks or months of the year, you are not eligible for family housing.
  • You must reside full time in your apartment with your child/partner. 
  • Your spouse/partner or child must move in with you in your on-campus residence within 30 days of your scheduled move-in date.
  • Students who live in family housing but do not meet the eligibility requirements, or have a change in family status, will be provided 30-days' notice to vacate their family housing apartment. If the individual is still a full-time Stony Brook students, an effort will be made to provide an alternative assignment in single student housing.

Types of Family Housing

Our family units are one bedroom units and we cannot house parents with two children or a child over the age of 5 based on space limitations. Students with families exceeding the occupancy limits below will need to seek off-campus housing options.

Size of Family One Bedroom in Schomburg Apartments One Bedroom in Chapin Apartments
Couple with no children Yes Yes
Couple with one child (age 5 or younger) No Yes
Single parent with one child No Yes

How to Apply for Family Housing

If you (or your spouse/partner) are a full-time matriculated Stony Brook University student in need of family housing, please email To qualify for family housing, you must submit the documentation, as outlined in the section below, to Once documentation is received, you will be given access to the family housing waitlist in the housing portal. Please note the availability of family housing is not guaranteed. 

Family housing documentation (see below) must be submitted before booking a space in family housing. 

Providing Proof of Family Status

Prior to being assigned to family housing at Stony Brook University, you must submit proof that you qualify. Documentation must be in English or have a notarized English translation and include both the Stony Brook student and partner names.

Family Types Documentation Required
Couples (with and without children)

One of the following: marriage license if married or two of the following documents from each list (four total) which demonstrates that a partnership exists.

List A: Proof of 6 months of joint residency
  • Drivers' License
  • Auto Registration
  • Lease agreement verifying that you have lived together for 6 months (minimum) with supporting canceled checks
  • Mortgage agreement
  • Tax Returns
  • Bank Statement
  • Insurance Benefits Statement
  • Utility Bill
  • Telephone Bill
List B: Affidavit of Financial Interdependency (minimum of 6 months interdependency)
    • Joint Credit Card
    • Joint Ownership of Property
    • Joint obligation on a loan (including an affidavit by a creditor for a personal loan)
    • Joint Bank Account
    • Joint Income Tax
    • Designated as a beneficiary under the other's life insurance policy, retirement benefits account, or will or executor of each other's will
    • Joint responsibility of childcare (i.e. school documents, guardianship)
    • Mutually granted authority to make health care decisions (i.e. health care power of attorney)
  • Designating of one partner as the representative payee for the other's government benefits
Couples with children Same as above plus Birth Certificate or Visa for your child.
Single parents Birth Certificate or Visa for your child.