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Policies for Youth Conferences

See the button below to access the Youth Conference Housing Form:

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The information below summarizes the policies and procedures in place at Stony Brook University youth conference housing participants. If a policy or procedure below is referred to as Youth Plus, this refers to youth 16+ who are enrolled in college credit during their stay such as CSTEP, Oceanography, Simons, Garcia). If a policy or procedure below is referred to as Youth Only, this refers to all youth under 16 and youth 16+ who are not taking college credit during their stay, such as Biotechnology, STEP A/B, STEP BNL, SARAS, Physics, Mathematics. Your Conference Coordinators may have elected to have a group follow Youth Only policies due to the majority of the program being under 16 even though they are enrolled in college credit.

Please review the information that follows. Failure to follow procedures listed below and given during your stay may results in removal from Conference Housing with no refund of housing or meal plan fees (direct pay and 3rd party sponsored). Contact our Conference Housing Office if there are any questions about the information that follows.

Youth Plus Participants are provided limited supervision by conference housing staff meaning we expect them to follow all policies listed below and must check-in nightly at the building. Participants are unsupervised outside of scheduled programs and are not required to be in building till 10pm nightly.

Youth Only Participants are provided constant supervision by conference housing staff outside of conference program schedule meaning they cannot leave the building unescorted unless being signed out by conference program or parent/guardian/authorized individual.

NOTE: All billing is done on a  seven-day cycle including weekends. Bookings must be made from start date to end date of the conference. There are no exceptions. 

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