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Our Departments

Campus Residences is comprised of four departments in order to provide the best experience and services for students.  Thedepartments work together, as well as with other areas such as Campus Operations, the Division of Student Affairs, and the Undergraduate Colleges to create an environment for students be successful. 

Department of Residential Education

Education is a collaborative process that involves students, faculty, and staff.  The department’s philosophy is for our students to explore the diverse educational opportunities on campus in order to better understand and appreciate the unique qualities that all of the members of this community offers.  The department is made up of student and professional level staff, including Resident Hall Directors, in order to best serve students.  

Department of  Financial Services

Campus Residences, along with every housing operation throughout SUNY institutions, is self-sufficient.  This means that no state taxes or other funds contribute to the division's budget.  Our goal continues to be to keep housing cost increases to a minimum.

Department of Safety and Support Services

Providing a safe living environment on campus for our students, faculty, and staff is our highest priority.  Safety and Support Services at Campus Residences is responsible for the safety of our 10,000 students living on campus.  The department is responsible for the coordination and administration of many functions including safety, security, emergency management, code compliance, student advocacy, parking, access control, mailrooms, fitness centers, and disability services.

Department of Housing Administration

The Department of  Housing Administration is committed to providing a diverse array of accommodations in our various residential communities. We develop policies and procedures that guide assignment processes for our residents that enhance educational outcomes, community engagement and personal development opportunities. We strive to be on the forefront of housing initiatives and options and are committed to taking into consideration opinions and feedback from residents. As a self-sufficient entity, we strive to remain administratively efficient while also seeking new revenue sources to help offset the cost of campus living. 

Strategic Partners

Residential Operations

The Residential Operations, as a core group of Campus Operations Management, is committed to providing residential facilities that are clean, safe, and comfortable.  This includes the management of personnel and available financial resources to provide maintenance, repair, construction and renovation services to meet the needs of a diverse residential population.

Residential Information Systems

The Department of Residential Information Systems is committed to implementing and maintaining technology to foster collaborative learning and support student success within the residence halls.