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Mission Statement

Campus Residences Vision: Campus Residences commits itself to transforming the lives of students through the residential experience. 

Tabler Students

Campus Residences Mission: Living on campus contributes to student success through educational opportunities, supportive services, and a commitment to safety and security, with a focus on cost-effectiveness. The staff of Campus Residences, commit ourselves to the well-being of residents. We will provide challenging and rewarding experiences and encourage residents to take full advantage of the opportunities presented. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is reflected in all that we do. 


Residential Education:

In order to achieve this vision, Residential Education: 

  • Fosters welcoming, inclusive, and educational communities that enhance student success.
  • Promotes a sense of belonging, individual growth, and community development.
  • Creates experiential learning opportunities that transform student leaders through critical thinking, ethical decision making, and shared responsibility.
  • Recruits and retains a diverse staff who value integrity, excellence, responsibility, cooperation, esprit de corps, and lifelong learning.


Residential Business Operations:

In order to achieve this vision, Residential Business Operations: 

  • Provides objective, accurate, and timely data, analysis, and expertise to inform decision-making and resource allocation while embracing the value of the residential experience.
  • Develops processes and procedures which are cost effective, efficient, and consistent in order to support the needs of a diverse residential population.
  • Minimizes costs to students by maximizing our resources while maintaining an emphasis on providing quality facilities and services to our residents.


Housing Administration:

In order to achieve this vision, Housing Administration:

  • Provides a diverse array of accommodations in our various residential communities that enhance educational outcomes, community engagement and personal development opportunities. . 
  • Strives to be on the forefront of housing initiatives and options and is committed to taking into consideration opinions and feedback from residents. 
  • Is committed to remaining administratively efficient while also seeking new revenue sources to help offset the cost of campus living for students.


Safety and Support Services:

In order to achieve this vision, Safety and Support Services:

  • Creates and develops policies, procedures that help build, enhance and maintain safety, security within the Residence Halls 
  • Engages our campus partners in Emergency Management and University Police to expand and maintain electronic access, video camera surveillance and installation of equipment to enhance community, residential parking safety and pedestrian safety. 
  • Collaborates with our campus partners in Environmental Health & Safety and the Fire Marshal's office to maintain the necessary code compliance, fire protection equipment and annual inspection reports within the residence halls.
  • Manages and maintains all residential furniture, furnishing as well as update equipment and safety standards in the residential fitness centers.
  • Ensures that all residential facilities have the necessary accessibility requirements as per the New York State ADA standards.