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Tripling Information 

Due to the growing need for on-campus housing, temporary housing is necessary to accommodate the number of students who are guaranteed housing through a tripling process. Almost all incoming new undergraduate students that choose to live on campus should expect to be tripled. For additional information regarding tripling, visit the link below:

Students in triples will be in one of three different configurations. The configurations are as follows:

  1. 1 Standard Bed, 1 Bunk (Includes 2 Beds), 2 Desks, 2 Dressers, 2 Closets/Armoires
  2. 1 Loft, 1 Bunk (Includes 2 Beds), 2 Desks, 2 Dressers, 2 Closets/Armoires
  3. 1 Loft, 1 Bunk (Includes 2 Beds), 3 Desks, 2 Dressers, 2 Closets/Armoires

* If all three students in a tripled room collectively decide that they would like to change the configuration of their room, there will be a process communicated to them after the start of opening.

Helpful Tips for Living in a Triple
  • Organize your belongings
  • Communicate Openly
  • Be aware of your roommates needs
  • Spend time outside of your room
  • Invest in earplugs
  • Discuss the possibility of sharing larger items prior to check-in
  • Let the little stuff go and learn to compromise


Tripling FAQ's