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Core Values

The Department of Residential Programs is committed to integrating the values of integrity, excellence, responsibility, cooperation, esprit de corps and lifelong learning into our work. We are determined to offer programs and services to the  Stony Brook University community that live up to these ideals.


The fundamental cornerstone of our work will be integrity.  We will be ethical and honest in our work and our professional conduct. We will keep the organization’s mission and the best interest of the members of the campus community at the forefront of our minds at all times. We will be role models for our students with respect to this value.


We believe we should strive for the highest quality performance in all that we do and should encourage this value in our students. We shall not be content with the status quo when we know that there is more we can do. We will do this through self-reflection, objective assessment and emphasizing the unique strengths of our community members.


Both individually and as a collective entity, the members of our staff will be responsible for the expectations placed upon them and for which they volunteer.  Our staff members will be held accountable for the results of their efforts, as well as for the level of effort shown.  We value service to others – individuals, groups, the department, division and university. We will work to foster an understanding of this value in our students.


Within a context of mutual support we will seek to cooperate with others as we seek to achieve our common goals.  We will foster team spirit and an ethic of collegiality.  We will offer myriad opportunities for group work and we will offer support and encouragement to others as they work towards individual goals.

Esprit de corps

We place value on the morale of the staff.  We seek to develop a united feeling of direction, conviction and enthusiasm for the work that we do.  We will foster fun, creativity and an enjoyable work environment.

Lifelong Learning

Our commitment to fostering a love of lifelong learning in our students and staff is manifested in many ways.  Among these are: high expectations for educational goal attainment, staff participation in the academic lives of students, continuous professional development and support for personal development of staff and students.

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