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Meet the Recruitment Team 

Samantha Soren
Samantha Soren, Chair

Kelly Quad Director

Role on the Committee:

Committee chair for both professional staff recruitment and development.

Get to know Sam:

My entire professional career has been within the SUNY system-- two years as a Residence Hall Director at SUNY Oswego and over seven years at Stony Brook University. I came to Stony Brook as the Benedict Residence Hall Director and in 2014 was promoted to the H-Quad Director. Most recently, I transitioned to Kelly Quad as the Kelly Quad Director. I have worked significantly with RA training, Pro-Staff Training, and, most importantly, Professional Staff Recruitment & Selection.

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Matt West
Matt West, Co-Chair

Residence Hall Director, Sanger College

Role on the Committee:

My role on the committee is co-chair for professional staff recruitment.

Get to  know  Matt:

I’m Matt West. Brooklyn native, Barbados raised. I identify as first-generation. In my spare time, I kickbox! In my regular time, I kickbox! So as you can see, I love kickboxing. I also enjoy cooking. I know my way around the kitchen! My career interest involves  kickboxing, sleeping, and working on ways to better serve students that identify as foster care alum and/or unaccompanied/homeless students on college campuses.

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Alexander Sandage
Alexander Sandage, Co-Chair

Residence Hall Director, Baruch College

Role on the Committee:

My role on the committee is co-chair  for professional development.

Get to  know  Alexander:

Hello my name is Alexander Sandage. I am originally from Portland OR and went to Oregon State University for undergrad were I graduated with a BA in English. I attended  University of Central Missouri where I earned my MS in College Student Personel Administration. I am currently in my 3rd year as a Residence Hall Director at Stony Brook University. My other roles include being the advisor for RA Council, advising the quad council Kelly Krew and serving as the co-chair for the Professional Staff Development Committee.

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Kimmie Lee
Kimmie Lee

Residence Hall Director, Irving College

Role on the Committee:

My role on the committee is mainly focused on overseeing new staff on-boarding.

Get to  know  Kimmie:

I grew up in California and went to school at UC Irvine for my B.A. in Economics and San Diego State for my M.A. in Postsecondary Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Student Affairs. I have worked at Stony Brook University for the past year, and have focused a lot of my time on developing community engagement and second year success.

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Taylor Hogan
Taylor Hogan

Residence Hall Director, Wagner College

Role on the Committee:

Graduate student development and creating spring professional staff training.

Get to  know  Taylor:

My name is Taylor Hogan and I am a first year Residence Hall Director. I received my Master's in Higher Education Administration at Stony Brook in May 2018 and I have loved every second of my time here at this institution. My charismatic, team oriented, and student-centered style is fully supported in the department and I have made solid connections within the department and across the institution. My personal interests include make-up tutorials, vine compilations, breakfast foods and poorly directed early 2000's movies.

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Arani Nirmalan
Arani Nirmalan

Apartment Living Assistant, West I

Role on the Committee:

My role on the committee is to assist with Area Coordinator recruitment.

Get to  know  Arani:

I am a graduate student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and an Apartment Living Assistant in Schomburg West. I was an RA at Stony Brook for my last two years of undergrad where I completed my degree in biomedical engineering. I loved my experience as an RA, especially in terms of the community I was able to cultivate. I'm so glad to be a part of the committee and help make our department an even better place.

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Joscelyn Fernandez
Joscelyn Fernandez

Residence Hall Director, Dreiser College

Role on the Committee:

Editing interview forms, hosting candidates, and creating professional development.

Get to  know  Joscelyn:

I have my master’s degree in Counselor Education: Student Development in Higher Education and my bachelor's degree in English. I love to find exciting places to go to hike, eat, or to do something fun. I enjoy reading a good book or watching the latest teen show on Netflix/TV. I love animals especially dogs.

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Kevin Adams
Kevin Adams

Residence Hall Director, Whitman College

Role on the Committee:

My role on the committee is to oversee assessment and digital marketing.

Get to  know  Kevin:

Hi there, my name is Kevin. I grew up in Kansas City, MO and started to work my way south to complete my bachelor's degree at Oklahoma State University and master's at Florida Atlantic University. I love cooking, exploring the island, watching Netflix, and have recently started crafting!

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Caroline Bubbers
Caroline Bubbers

Residence Hall Director, Yang Hall

Role on the Committee:

My role on the committee to oversee print materials for recruitment marketing and social media advertising.

Get to  know  Caroline:

I was recruited to Campus Residences at TPE in 2016 and joined the recruitment committee during my first year. After attending TPE in 2017 on the employer side of the table, I served as co-chair of Professional Staff Recruitment for the 2017-2018 academic year. In my time on the committee, I designed all the materials candidates receive when learning about all of the amazing opportunities within Campus Residences. In my free time, I am a huge Taylor Swift fan, like to go to the gym, and eat Italian food.

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