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Club Information

  Archery Club
The Archery club is designed to promote the sport of archery to all who seek it.
  Badminton Club
Badminton Club is dedicated to students who would like to excel in playing.
  Bowling Club
Bowling Club strives to spread the love and fun of bowling to students.
  Boxing Club
Whether one wants to get in shape, learn basics or train for competition this club can help you get there.
  Capoeira Club
Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that is unique in the way it incorporates elements of dance and music.
  Cheerleading Team
The Stony Brook Cheerleading Team is a great way to get involved in the Red Hot Spirit of campus activities.
  Crew Club
Crew is the intercollegiate competitive
rowing team at Stony Brook.
  Cricket Club
Come play the sport you love or learn a new sport. No experience necessary.
  Dance Team
The Stony Brook Dance Team helps promote team spirit for all athletic teams and the student body. 
  Equestrian Club
Equestrian Team rides and trains at Old Town Equestrian Center 
  Dodgeball Club
The Dodgeball Club is dedicated to creating competitive, casual, and unique dodgeball games suited for players of any skill level to come and have fun!
  Fencing Club
Prospective students learn how to fence and also participate intercollegiate competitions
  Field Hockey Club
Student with interest in Field Hockey can join! All are Welcome!
  Graduate Badminton Club
The club devotes to improving the badminton game skills of SB graduate students, staffs and faculty.
Club provides an opportunity for students to intercollegiate tournaments.
  Ice Hockey
Recognized as one of the top club ice hockey programs in the country.
  Ice Crew
A group of hard working individuals that assist in the game day operations of the men's ice hockey team.
  Kumdo Club
Kumdo is a sword-based martial art which focuses on improving one's physical and mental strength.
  Men's Lacrosse
The team competes in fall tournaments and has scheduled conference games in the spring semester.
  Kickboxing Club
The club educates students in the art of kickboxing by employing its training methods safely to better the student body.
  Men's Rugby
Premier club on the East coast looking for new recruits all are welcome to join no prior experience is needed.
  Men's Soccer Club
Students can enjoy the sport of soccer through intercollegiate and non-competitive events.
  Roller Hockey
Organization set up to allow students to play competitive intercollegiate tournaments.
The Stony Brook Running Club is a recreational club designed to gather people together who enjoy running.
SBU Sailing is a group of students who enjoy the sport of sailing.
Our club is an amalgam of Strength related sports, ranging from, but not limited to, Weightlifting, Power lifting, and Strongman.
  Table Tennis Club
All student welcome! There is regular practice each week and also tournaments each semester.
  Swim Club
SBU Club Swimming is a great place to meet new friends, improve your swimming skills, and have the opportunity to compete. All skill levels are welcome but we cannot teach swim lessons.
  Tennis Club 
Tennis Club is an organization dedicated to promoting the sport of tennis from all angles.
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art based on kicking and an Olympic sport. All experience levels are welcome. 
  Ultimate Frisbee 
Ultimate is always welcoming new members! Check out our practice times on CORQ (open to all!) and reach out if you're interested and have questions. No experience is required.
  Women's Rugby
Want to make some new friends and get in shape too? Come join Women's Rugby Team!
  Volleyball Club
Come enjoy Volleyball! All students are welcome! No experience needed.
  Women's Soccer
This club gives women the opportunity to play soccer competitively or for recreation.
  Women's Lacrosse
Purpose of this club is to give students an opportunity to play Lacrosse competitive.
  Wrestling Club
Wrestling Club provides the opportunity for students to wrestle competitively at the collegiate level.