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The following scale will be used to rate all teams in all contests played:

4: Excellent, no problems.  Team demonstrates exemplary sportsmanship and maintains a positive attitude throughout the entired of the game. 

3: No major incidents of poor sportsmanship, some verbal dissent.  Teams with players recieving  a single yellow card, technical foul, and/or  unsportsmanlike conduct penalities may still receive a 3.

2: Unreasonable comments and conduct.  A 2 will be awarded to a team if multiple players receive single yellow cards, technical fouls, and/or unsportsmanlike conduct penalities.  One ejected player does not necessarily mean the team will receive a 2. 

1: Continuous verbal dissent, unreasonable conduct.  Team has multiple players ejected.

0: Fighting, vulgar language, unreasonable conduct.

Method of Rating:

  1. The officials working that game and/or any Intramural Staff (Supervisors, Graduate Assistants, or Professional Staff) will rate each team in each contest on sportsmanship.
  2. The Intramural Staff and officials on a 0-4 rating system rate teams and organizations. To qualify for the playoffs under the sportsmanship guidelines, a team MUST average a 2.75 over the course of the season to be included in the playoffs.
  3. Special Game Situations: Contests, which are postponed and not rescheduled due to rainouts, power failure, etc - both teams will receive a Default and no Sportsmanship Rating.
  4. A team winning by forfeit or default will receive a 4 for sportsmanship. A team that forfeits will receive a 0 for sportsmanship. A team that defaults will receive no rating.


  • Playoffs will be determined by 2 factors: Top half of the league and sportsmanship rating
    • Only the teams that hold a .500 or greater record in the top half of the standings will advance to the playoffs AND
    • Teams who hold a Sportsmanship Rating of at least 2.75 will be eligible for the playoffs.

Penalties Affecting Sportsmanship:

  • Wearing jewelry or not having checked in properly will not count against a team’s sportsmanship rating unless it is a repeated offense during the same game.
  • All teams are responsible for their spectators. Any unsportsmanlike conduct from spectators will be penalized against the team they are 'supporting.'
  • Yellow cards, red cards, technical/flagrant/intentional fouls, trash talking, and dissent toward officials are all examples of actions that affect sportsmanship.


  • Any player, who is ejected, for any reason, will automatically be suspended from the following game and must meet with the Manager of Intramurals & Sport Clubs.  Based upon the ejected players’ actions, further disciplinary procedures may be taken.
  • The following are considered to be evidence of unsportsmanlike conduct:
    • Profanity, unnecessary delay of game, striking, shoving, or threatening an opponent, official or teammate, arguing with officials, derogatory and abusive remarks toward an opponent, official or teammate, and any action with the intent to physically injure an opponent.

Alcohol & Drugs:

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages and use of illegal drugs by coaches, active players, bench players and spectators are prohibited. Violators are subject to disciplinary action. Intramural participants may be ejected from a game and suspended from further participation.