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Life Fitness Resistance Training


Simplicity Resistance Training



Strength & Resistance Training (At Home/Dorm Room)

  • After a 8-10 minute Warm Up consider at least 5 of the following exercises. Perform each exercise 3-5 separate times (sets) with approximately 12-15 repetitions with a weight/resistance that is appropriate for your level of comfort. Follow your routine with some basic stretching and relaxation to cool down, 6-8 minutes.  
  • Please be sure to consult your physician or professional before beginning any exercise program. For additional questions please contact Erin Maurno at

Triceps (Back of Upper Arm)

Legs/Lower Body

Hamstrings (Back of Leg)

Quadriceps (Front of Leg)

Biceps (Front of Upper Arm)



Lower Back/Core

Chest/Upper Body


Shoulders/Upper Body




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