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Life Fitness Resistance Training


Simplicity Resistance Training



Strength & Resistance Training (At Home/Dorm Room)

  • After a 8-10 minute Warm Up consider at least 5 of the following exercises. Perform each exercise 3-5 separate times (sets) with approximately 12-15 repetitions with a weight/resistance that is appropriate for your level of comfort. Follow your routine with some basic stretching and relaxation to Cool Down, 6-8 minutes.  
  • Please be sure to consult your physician or professional before beginning any exercise program. For additional questions please contact Laura Fitzgerald, Still have some questions or need more, check out our Personal Training options

Triceps (Back of Upper Arm)

Legs/Lower Body

Hamstrings (Back of Leg)

Quadriceps (Front of Leg)

Biceps (Front of Upper Arm)



Lower Back/Core

Chest/Upper Body


Shoulders/Upper Body




Check out our You Tube Channel for more 30 minute at home fitness classes!